Margot de Taxco Enamel Fish Bracelet SOLD M950

This glorious fish spouting a jet of water is a prime example of Margot of Taxco’s fabled enamel work. Active 1940s to 1974. 10″ long and 2 1/2″ at its widest and 5/8″ at its thickest.

Price on request.

Margot de Taxco – Margot van Voorhies Carr, professionally known as Margot de Taxco, was a major contributor to the success of Taxco silver attaining worldwide attention.   Margot first came to Mexico in 1937 and soon met and married Don Antonio Castillo of Los Castillo.  During her time with him, he encouraged her to translate her designs from paper to three-dimensional forms in silver.  Many early designs of Los Castillo bear the obvious contributions of Margot de Taxco.  After divorcing Antonio, Margot struck out on her own with a business card that read, “As the stars are to the Night, So are Jewels to the Woman”.  Margot is most famous for her works in enamels on silver and her devotion to Art Deco, Mayan and Japanese-inspired motifs that could be adapted to either silver or enamel.  Her clients included such Hollywood celebrities as John Wayne and Lana Turner, who visited Margot’s Taxco silver shop every year.   Margot’s vintage silver and stunning enamel work are highly collectible today.