Mexican Movie Poster: Yo Soy Mexicano de Aca de este Lado AP444 SOLD

Strong graphics in colorful poster from the 1952 Mexican film “Yo Soy Mexicano de Aca de este Lado” (I’m a Mexican from This Side of Town) directed by Miguel Contreras Torres, one of the great pioneers of Mexican cinema. Starred the Cuban-born Rosa Carmina, known as “Queen of the Gangsters” for her work in that genre. Framed poster is 28w x 37.5h.


We can’t resist adding this imdb viewer review:

“In this very long film Contreras Torres, gave to Rodolfo Acosta one of his few roles as a good one in his career and at times seems to be the main character of the movie more than Roberto Cañedo almost nothing interesting to see in the film but the nice legs of Rosa Carmina and her wiggling dancing , in some moment of the movie Rodolfo Acosta, Arturo Soto Rangel and Roberto Cañedo discuss about the condition of the Mexican rural workers compare with the American ones and Roberto Cañedo ends the conversation arguing that it is a boring one,maybe guessing the thought of the Audience the Rumbera Dancer that loves to a rebel son of a “decent family” that consider her as a sinner was not something new to show at that times in the Mexican Movies,at least of the conventional manner that Contreras Torres show us”