Minister Delux Friction Tin-plate Toy Car Indian Version (1981) A1071

Why a Minister? Because it’s what government ministers ride around in. Why Delux? Because why not! A 1950s car design made current for 1980s children. That’s what we call a classic. 3″ x 4″ x 10″ original box. This is the 1980s Indian knock-off of the 1950s Japanese toy. A charmer.

These toys first came up on the world market in 1981, as their boxes indicate with an issue date adjoining their stock number. Manufactured by Amar Toy Co., near Delhi, India, they are dubbed “Minister Delux”, and exist in both sedan and convertible versions. They are actually copies of a much earlier and to be honest rather nicer Japanese toy manufactured by Asahi (ATC) in 1955, which is the one that is a great deal scarcer today. It’s a model of the 1954 Pontiac Star Chief.

Anyhow it’s old enough now to be real vintage instead of pretended vintage and its striving ambition to represent an automotive dream for the mass market charms more and more with every passing year. In its original plastic and box and, though mint, in that it was never p[ayed with, time, as we know, is cruel to tin-plate, so if you look carefully, a tiny bit of rust has bloomed on its underside. We love its nerve.

Price on request.