Modernist Wild West Dude “The Gambler” c.1953 SOLD P655

Utterly wonderful conundrum of a painting. A flattened graphic schema sets off the finely modeled hands and somewhat sinister earless mask-like face, holes for eyes shaded by the wide brimmed white hat. Playfully, the artist has set one to wondering, is this man a killer, a planter, a sheriff? We threw the dice and called him “The Gambler”. That a work this assured and striking should be unsigned is further evidence of mischief. Crisp blacks, cold greens and a pale blue sky set off the clayey taupe of the man’s skin. Superbly framed and in pristine condition, this work was first purchased in 1953.

Art measures: Board 24″ x 36″, frame 33″ x 45.5″.