Monmouth Pottery Jug CA609

A lovely pink hue in the clay suffuses the grey of this glaze The jug measures 14″ x 14″.

Price on request.

Monmouth Pottery Company was erected in Monmouth Illinois in February of 1893 by William Hanna and associates to make use of the vast deposits of stoneware clays in that area. They were one of the seven Midwest companies that joined together to form the Western Stoneware Company in 1906. The Monmouth Pottery Company claimed it was the largestĀ pottery in the world in 1898. Monmouth Pottery Co. was sold in 1905 and became one of seven other pottery companies to form Western Stoneware Co. in April 1906. Monmouth was known as plant #1 and occasionally you will see the Western Stoneware mark with a number indicating which plant it was produced at.