Monterey Classic Old Wood Draw Bridge drop front Desk on stand F1197

The California furniture movement is personified in this early Monterey Classic piece. Hinged in such a way the the door literally swings down to open Revealing a neat and tidy cubby holes finished in original Red Paint. Thought to be made during the 1929 Period.

This is one of 4 old wood pieces that came out of a one family estate in Muskegon. All we did to this piece is give it a wax which All Monterey needs. rare and Beautiful. Compact and the perfect piece for a small space. Couple this with a vintage Primitive California chair and a leather waste basket and you have a great vignette. Branded. Original Model number to back.


17″ deep (at deepest) X 31″ wide (at widest) X 49″ high

Price on request.