Monterey (for Bullocks Wilshire) Prohibition Bar c.1932 SOLD F787

We acquired this Prohibition Bar from the original family that bought it new (in 1932) through Bullocks Wilshire. Called a Prohibition Bar, since it was designed (with a wink) to conceal its true purpose and function while masquerading as an ordinary cabinet, this piece and its ingenious brothers found favor even after the repeal of Prohibition. Manufactured by the Mason Manufacturing Co, who supplied the Monterey line of furniture to Barker Brothers, this Prohibition Bar was built to exactly the same measurements as Monterey, but with differences of material and decoration to satisfy Bullocks Wilshire’s requirements and design signature: the wood used was solid Oregon alder and the limed finish (original) is Old English Whitewash. The tiles are, as in the regular Monterey, Catalina Island and the bar tops are surfaced in tin. Bullocks Wilshire favored the English look, so the decorations, possibly by the Mason Co’s Juan Duran Tinoco (not signed but resembling┬áhis style), depict, hilariously, an English fox hunting scene and tippling red-coated hunters. The iron work is unique to the piece. Not marked as Monterey due to its being built to order for Bullocks, it remains an authentic, and rare, example of genuine Monterey.

Bar measures 49 x 36 x 22. Original finish.

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