Oyez! Oyez! Goin’ LIVE! This Saturday! June 18!

Saturday’s Live Auction at the store is shaping up really swell…











So here’s the drill. On Friday from 12-5, it’s the Day of the Preview. All the lots will be on display, clearly marked and numbered, and catalogues available.

On Saturday we open at 10 for pre-registration. We will be serving free refreshments: food, coffee and wine. A refreshed bidder is a happy bidder.

At noon the bidding starts. Take your seats. We have two terrific auctioneers from Live Auctioneers who have flown out here from the East Coast especially to conduct the bidding in the store. The auction is going out live on-line simultaneously and bidders will also be bidding on-line. From 12-6, 400 items will be auctioned off to bidders on- and off-site. Pretty exciting.

So please join us Saturday here at the store for this adventure, our first in-house auction. We are looking forward to doing this three or four times a year. O brave new world!

BIG BONUS: there will be twenty (20) no-reserve lots at the end of the auction. Sweet!

And here’s the link in case you can’t make it in person or you simply want to preview the lots at home:


We are at 4361 Melrose Ave LA CA 90029. Normandie exit off the 101. There will be street parking only for this event but there is plenty of it on Edgemont and on Heliotrope. See you Saturday. That’s June 19. We’re stoked.