Ferdinand Kaufmann “Sherwood Lake” SOLD 1939 P520

This late landscape by the esteemed California painter Ferdinand Kaufmann shows Lake Sherwood, as it is known, in Ventura County (near Thousand Oaks) in 1939. Man-made in 1904, the lake derives its name from its use by Douglas Fairbanks in the filming of his 1922 production of Robin Hood, and has remained the paradisiacal spot Kaufman depicted.

Frame 34.5″ x 30″, board 30″ x 25″

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Ferdinand Kaufmann was born in Oberhausen, Germany on October 17, 1864.  He immigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a teenager.  He studied art in Paris with Jean-Paul Laurens, Bouguereau, Benjamin Constant and Manet.  He spent six years painting in Europe before returning to the United States in 1902.  While based in Pittsburgh, he painted in New England, New Mexico, Arizona and California.  In 1921 he settled in Southern California where he bought a home in Pasadena and a studio-home in Laguna Beach.  An exponent of California Iimpressionism and a master of color and composition, the influence of his Parisian teachers is evidenced in his landscapes, seascapes and figure studies.  Kaufmann was a member of the Laguna Beach Art Association, the Pittsburgh Art Association, the North Shore Art Association and the Paris-American Art Association.  He exhibited widely and won numerous awards.  He was active in the local art scenes until his death on March 21, 1942.