Pair of Hand-tinted Photographic Views of Sidi Bel-Abbés in Algeria 1920s P844 SOLD

Two charmers from the long sunset of Empire in the early twentieth century. An outpost of France in North Africa, and home of the Foreign Legion.

The city, on the Wadi Mékerra River, developed around a French camp built in 1843. In 1849 a planned agricultural town was established around the existing military post. From the 1830s until 1962, the city was closely associated with the French Foreign Legion, the location of its basic training camp, and the headquarters of its 1st Foreign Regiment. The training centre of the modern Algerian National Gendarmerie is located in Sidi Bel Abbès.

In the 1930s much of the old city walls were demolished. Wide boulevards and squares replaced the traditional quarters which increased the beauty of the small city. Unfortunately in the beginning of the 20th century due to the increasing population from near towns the city lost all it beauty and became a little shelter to country-side people who escaped the black decade after being called during the French colonization le petit Paris. However those latter events gave to city a fresh taste of melting pot therefor the former Petit Paris welcomed people from several towns and cities.

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