Petatillo Cups (set of six) in the style of Balbino Lucano – Tonalá c 1930s M509

The hexagonal shape of the six cups point to these as an early example of the style. Condition: cups have minor ships at the rims.

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Created in the early years of the twentieth century, petatillo decoration refers to a cross-hatch pattern of lines in the background of the illustration It was given its name as the design echoes the weave of straw in potatoes or straw mats, The pattern is applied after the main decoration of the piece, filling in the blank spaces in the design.

The Lucano family has one of the strongest legacies on Mexican Ceramics of the twentieth century, From Tonalá, their pieces are often attributed to Tlaquepaque as they had a shop and sold there starting in 1906. The most recognized members of the family are Agustín, Balbino and Tomás. The family worked mainly in glazed ware and occasionally in burnished ware and other pottery. Balbino is thought to have been the originator of the Petatillo style.