Pierre-César Lagage (1911-1977) Modernist Painting Flowers in the Artist’s Studio Oil on Canvas P857

An important work by an intriguing French artist as he developed into an abstract painter, a progress he negotiated not from following fashion, but by heeding his own internal promptings. Late 1940s.

Framed 33’x 41″.

Price on request.

After studying at the Beaux Arts of Roubaix he moved to Montmartre, Starting in 1932 he exhibited in Lille, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Zurich, Los Angels, in  Poland and in Sweden as well. Retrospectives of his work were held at the Musée d’art et d’industrie de Roubaix, at the Musée Matisse du Cateau-Cambrésis, at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris (Sénat), at the Musée du Touquet, and the Musée de Cambrai.

After a period of figurative painting that especially evoked the light in the north of France, especially around the Baie de Somme on the Channel coast, he embarked on a period of geometric figuration, to which this canvas belongs, not yet abstract, but employing primary colors. His third period begins in 1950, completely abstract, and continues for the rest of his life.