Rare William Duncan Vitagraph Poster for “The Fighting Trail” 1917 SOLD AP314

Episode 2: The Story Of Ybarra. “Strapping silent screen hero William Duncan both directed and starred in this 15-chapter Vitagraph serial, a mix between Wild West hi-jinks and wartime propaganda. Duncan played John Gwyn, a mining engineer who discovers a hidden quarry containing valuable minerals used in a powerful explosive that may decide the outcome of the war in Europe. Soon any number of enemy spies are trailing Gwyn, desperate to get hold of the map to the mine. The hero is aided in his quest by Nan Ybarra, the daughter of the rancher on whose land the mine is located. Duncan went on to make Vengeance and the Woman (1917), another 15-chapter serial for Vitagraph.” ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi- NY Times.

William Duncan (December 16, 1879 – February 7, 1961) was a prolific actor, producer, writer, and director of film serials. He was a leading star in the early film industry, working with the major studios of the day including the Selig Polyscope Company and Vitagraph. He had a role in hundreds of serial episodes in a career spanning from 1911 to 1940. After an initial retirement from films in 1925, William Duncan returned to the screen in the 1930’s in supporting roles, most notably as Buck Peters, owner of the Bar 20 Ranch, in several of the Hopalong Cassidy series.

When William Duncan joined Vitagraph, his contract was worth $1,000,000 a year, which made him better paid than Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Interred at Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, California, USA.

Carol Holloway (April 30, 1892 – January 3, 1979) was an American actress of the silent era. She appeared in 117 films between 1914 and 1941. She was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts and died in California.

American Vitagraph was a United States movie studio, founded by J. Stuart Blackton and Albert E. Smith in 1897 in Brooklyn, New York. By 1907 it was the most prolific American film production company, producing many famous silent films. It was bought by Warner Bros. in 1925.

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