Robert T. Ayers Set Illustration Golden Age of Hollywood 1950s Oil On Board P749

Paintings such as this helped immeasurably in the production process by allowing the director and his design and camera teams to visualize what they were about to do. And when you had an artist of Ayers’ capabilities and facility, all the better. And here we have the atmosphere of respectable small town America circa 1918 beautifully evoked as the setting, as well as a sense of a heart-rending story being told. Superb.  16 x 20.

Price on request.

Robert Temple Ayres was a well-known set illustrator for the Hollywood studios who created the burning map introduction for the Bonanza television series.

Born in 1914 in Lansing, Michigan, Robert Ayres studied at the Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois, the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, California, and the Jepson Art Institute. Ayres worked on hundreds of movies during his career, including the blockbuster Ben Hur in the late 1950’s. He died in 2012.