Sam Hyde Harris (1889-1977) Southern Pacific Daylight Photographic Poster Mockup Circa 1936 AP608

From the Sam Hyde Harris Estate we have the only surviving color mock up of the famous Daylight Train run by Southern Pacific Lines. Sam Hyde Harris today mostly known for his lovely desert and lush Pasadena Plein Air paintings was a highly regarded commercial artist from 1905-1950 and executed many posters for the famous Santa Fe and Union Pacific lines as well as other Railroads. This piece large in scale is a Huge photographic image that was then hand colored for possible poster tones. Now mounted on linen and ready to be framed. Now Estate Stamped.

20 x 44.5 in size. Perfect for the California Poster buff or train collector.

Now Estate Stamped.
The streamlined Daylight began running on March 21, 1937.  Initially 12 Pullman passenger cars were hauled by GS-2 steam locomotives.  Later, more passenger cars and newer steam engines were added as ridership increased.  A southbound train in San Francisco (Train 98) and a northbound train in Los Angeles (Train 99) would leave at the same time.  Both would depart at 8:15 am and arrive at their destination at 6:00 pm, traveling 471 miles in 9 hours 45 minutes.The Coast Daylight was a passenger train run by the Southern Pacific Railroad between Los Angeles and San Francisco, California.  The train ran on SP’s coast line tracks which was considered to be the most beautiful route of all their passenger trains.  The passenger cars and locomotive were painted red, orange, and black.  The colors were so striking against the California coastline that the train was often called the “Most Beautiful Train in the World”.

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