San Francisco Rebuilding After Earthquake Photo George R Lawrence Co. 1908 P264 SOLD

Original 1908 photograph of San Francisco after the rebuilding from the big earthquake. Copyrighted by G. R. Lawrence Co. Photo measures 12″ x 23″, frame 17 3/4″ x 28 3/8.


George R. Lawrence (1869-1938)

In the late 1800s and early 1900s there was one name in aerial photography, G. R. Lawrence. He began his career as an photographer’s apprentice and quickly discovered he had a gift. He formed his own company and began innovating. He was the first to show the world the beauty of the aerial view. He specialized in aerial views and large extravagant arrangements. He is also known for an innovative type of flash photography.

Less than 20 years after Arthur Batut first pioneered kite photography in France, G.R. Lawrence used a train of up to nine large kites to lift a moving slit panoramic camera. The camera weighed 49 pounds and was lifted to a height of approximately 2,000 feet. In the 1910s, he quit photography and pursued a career in aviation design. The Geo. R. Lawrence Company was succeeded by Kaufmann & Fabry.

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George Lawrence took photos of San Francisco and the damage caused by the 1906 earthquake and subsequent fires.