VELA Nuclear Detector Satellite Model A1041


The Vela satellite was designed to monitor nuclear tests, and had a long career not without controversy. The original may be space junk by now but we consider this beauty a space age treasure. Steel, 14" tall on 7" square wooden base. Lovely condition. Price on request. Vela (satellite) The Vela-5A/B Satellite in its cleanroom. The two satellites, A and ...

Walter Von Nessen Chase Deco Coffee Percolator with Bakelite Details A1029


Deco supremo in every way, a total style bullseye.  13h x 11 diameter. Born in Germany, Walter von Nessen virtually pioneered the field of modern residential lighting. Before World War I, Walter von Nessen studied under Bruno Paul at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Berlin and taught at the Charlottenburg Art School. Following the war, he worked for ...

Andy Anderson Hand-carved Bellows A1030


The great Andy Anderson, folk artist and wood carver extraordinaire, made this humble implement, which, though still humble, is thereby touched with magic. Renowned for the gentle humor and sharp delineation of the characters he created, Andy bestowed just such a personage on this fireplace tool. Just take a look at the old rascal. We hate ...

Rich Craft Studios Señorita Kraftrok Chalkware Wall Candle Holder A1026


Rich Craft in Rochester New York developed a very popular line of decorative objects in the 1920s fabricated from chalk. This delicious plaque will hang on a wall and hold two candles. 10 1/2" high x 12 1/2" wide. Price on request.

Bradley and Hubbard Bull Terrier Bronze Paper Weight A987

It's unusual to find on of these rare Bradley and Hubbard late 19th Century bronze paper weights. The design of the head echoes that of their famous door stop. 4.5" x 4.5" x 3". Great detail in this truly scarce piece. Price on request. Bradley & Hubbard were specialists in creating metal objects. Walter Hubbard and his brother-in-law, Nathaniel Lyman Bradley, ...

Vintage James E Pepper Whiskey Spirit of ’76 Liquor Store Display Figures AP508


A spirited rendering of the familiar historical/patriotic trope that implies you may well be serving your country when you are being served this company's whiskey. James E. Pepper is an American manufacturer and distiller of liquors and one of the oldest US brands. The first use of the name "Old Fashioned" for a Bourbon whiskey cocktail was ...