Wooden Clock 1920s A835


Asian-inspired wooden clock, we're not sure exact country of origin, possibly China, possibly Japan, but it's from the 20s or 30s. Electronics replaced with a battery-operated works. Lovely warm brown wooden frame keeping track of time. Price on request.

Assortment of Mid-Century One-of-a-kind Cartoon Mugs A824


Cartoonist  Michael Johnson opened The Mug Shop in Corona Del Mar in 1947, turning out personalized hand drawn mugs, each one an original, 30-40 a day, often gently lampooning the characters and the hobbies and occupations of the delighted recipients. Word soon spread and the store acquired an enthusiastic following, including John Wayne who regularly ...

Large Dough Bowl Carved Wood A820


Here is the genuine grandma of this now currently fashionable item, touted, procured and and sometimes reproduced by the gourmet cooks' shops and online retailers. The reason why? These work. If you bake. A lot. We, however, just love looking at it. Let's face it, the nobility of utilitarian objects increases in beauty with age. ...

“Ride Em Cowboy” Bronze Bookends by Paul Herzel A822


"Ride 'em Cowboy", made circa 1932 by the Pompeian Bronze Company, a pair of vintage electro-formed bronze-clad figural bookends by the artist Paul Herzel. 4.5" x 2" x 7" high. Price on request. Paul Herzel was born in Silesia, Germany in 1876. He died in May of 1956 at the City Hospital in New York City at the ...

Folk Art Fretwork Painted Niche A814


Wall hung, intricately cut, charmingly evocative of a make-believe house, with the date 1927 and the initials J. R. worked into the design among the clambering vines and billing doves and sun-ray and other decorative motifs, this jig-sawed fantasia in wood is nothing less than a permanent three-dimensional Valentine. 12"w x 25"h x 8"d. Price on ...