Bradley and Hubbard Bull Terrier Bronze Paper Weight A987

It's unusual to find on of these rare Bradley and Hubbard late 19th Century bronze paper weights. The design of the head echoes that of their famous door stop. 4.5" x 4.5" x 3". Great detail in this truly scarce piece. Price on request. Bradley & Hubbard were specialists in creating metal objects. Walter Hubbard and his brother-in-law, Nathaniel Lyman Bradley, ...

Tie Rack & Mirror with Alligators Circa 1900 A984


This unusual, nay, unique vintage tie rack has small cast alligators holding the tie rack below a small bevelled mirror. Ideal for selection and tying of one's cravat. surprisingly smart design. Circa 1900. Ready to use and in used but good condition. 6" x 10''. Perfect for the man who has everything. Because he doesn't have THIS. Price on ...

Vintage James E Pepper Whiskey Spirit of ’76 Liquor Store Display Figures AP508


A spirited rendering of the familiar historical/patriotic trope that implies you may well be serving your country when you are being served this company's whiskey. James E. Pepper is an American manufacturer and distiller of liquors and one of the oldest US brands. The first use of the name "Old Fashioned" for a Bourbon whiskey cocktail was ...

Set of 4 Catalina Island Cowboy Hats C367


The cowboy hat delighted the California potter's soul, its shape, its curves and indentations, in fact, as a subject, it was irresistible, to buyers too. And here we have four, three are slightly damaged so take a squint at the pictures . Still a delightful group. Catalina Island stuff doesn't grow on trees or even show up that often. ...

Spanish Revival Gothic Wrought Iron Andirons A957


Spectacular andirons. Baronial, manorial, Spanish Colonial and magical. The twin dragons screaming at each other twined around the posts, the river of life motif etched into the crossbar, the flawless craftsmanship and design, all point to before 1920. A piece like this reminds us that, no, we haven't seen everything. In absolutely perfect condition. 27h ...

Model Whaling Boat A951


Comes with three oars and four harpoons. 13" wide and 57" long.  Incredible that these small boats were deployed against sperm whales. Double ended so they could change direction instantly! One can barely imagine the bravery and skill it took to land those great leviathans. Beautifully made model. Price on request.