Life-size Effigy of an Angel or Saint 1860s Mexican M791


Designed to be dressed in different robes according the seasons and festivals, this exquisitely carved and cunningly articulated figure, gessoed and painted with realistic glass eyes, dates from the 1860s and must have seen at least century of use. The arms and hands are movable. The base is restored but the rest is original, some damage ...

Fantasy Spanish Scene Summer Screen A894


A great aspect of the the Spanish Revival style is an element of fantasy and it is always a pleasure to find an object that brings it out so pleasurably. Even without a fire lit, a fireplace should be a place to dream. 35 ½” x 48”, center panel 24” wide, side panels 12” each. Price on ...

Los Castillo-attributed Silver, Brass and Copper Rooster Pitcher A666


What a creature! Gorgeous, bold and graceful, with a real life to it. A tremendous personality to the characterization married to exquisite workmanship. No mark. Very Los Castillo to our eyes, given their specialty of "marrying" different metals. Certainly golden age of the Taxco silversmiths. Price on request.

Mexican Double-Sided Processional Cross M236


Mexican Processional Cross. Double sided with primitive sacred heart and religious motifs. The pictures tell the tale. Nice piece from an extensive collection. Circa early 20th century. Mexican Processional Cross measures 62" H X 19" W. In inventory at eleven hundred and fifty dollars. Best price on this really cool Mexican folk art piece. Get it now for five ...