Catalina Island Matte-Glazed Galleon Plate SOLD C371


Pure romance, with an extremely sophisticated use of color in the design,  black sails and the black sea, tan clouds, green sky, rust hull, red cross, and the gull flashing against the waves as it swoops low. Storybook, but based in a keen observation of nature. Enchanting, and truly exciting. 12" diameter. Price on request.

Catalina Tile Table with Island-made Base CA573


In its heyday, Catalina Island became totally self-sufficient through its own industry and the sponsorship of the Wrigley family who created the resort and founded the pottery and tile works, and in so doing acquired the highest reputation for artistry and craft. And you can see the story told in this wonderful occasional table, with ...

Set of 4 Catalina Island Cowboy Hats C367


The cowboy hat delighted the California potter's soul, its shape, its curves and indentations, in fact, as a subject, it was irresistible, to buyers too. And here we have four, three are slightly damaged so take a squint at the pictures . Still a delightful group. Catalina Island stuff doesn't grow on trees or even show up that often. ...