Figurative African Chair late 19th–Early 20th Century “Two Chieftains” F1295C


This chair is presided over by these two intense figures distinguished by headdresses that are surely badges of rank. Neither resembles the other in any way. All the figures on all three chairs are completely alive and individualized. So glad to have acquired them from the Bowers Museum. 34”h x 15”w x 16”d. Call for Price. In ...

Early 19th Century Portrait Oil of Emperor Ferdinand I Austria P737


Early 19th century oil on canvas of a man in military uniform with decorations, painted circa 1825-1840 at the latest. I have had this looked at by an expert in the period and it's the real thing. Has been professionally relined, with small repairs, mostly some in-painting to the background and some enhancement to the ...

Balinese Royal Sedan Post Adornment Now Table Lamp L467


Solid brass Balinese dragon repurposed from a royal sedan chair of the 19th century and turned into a table lamp. A la Doris Day as decorator in Pillow talk when every socialite wanted antiquities turned into table lamps!! Unusual and quite heavy. 38'' tall the actual piece is 19 x 8 deep. Call for pricing.

African, Zaire Ceremonial Mask A344


Grand scale African Zaire Ceremonial Carved Wood Mask in white face. Circa 1940. Mask measures 25" x 16" x 10". What a way to say goodbye with this subtle African Mask. Listed at fifteen hundred. comes with stand and ready for your sideboard, African Dance troop or side table. Sale priced at six hundred and ninety five ...