Roger LaManna Pulp Cover “Old West Fight” P927


Roger LaManna illustration: Blond white man with ripped shirt vs. Native American with headband and tomahawk! In the background, our blonde bombshell (in her bikini top) cowers. Could it be more politically incorrect? Probably cover art. We love it. Very 1960s. Gouache on board, 16.5"w x 19"h with frame, image 9"w x 11"h. Price on request.

Anna Wilson, “Mrs. Webster” (1936) P924


Stunning portrait of a 1930s Los Angeles society woman at the height of her powers. Oil on canvas. Image, 29"w x 36"h, 34"w x 41"h with frame. Anna Wilson 1904 –unknown  Anna Wilson was a portrait and landscape artist. Little is known of this talented and dynamic artist. According to the 1940 United States Census for Los Angeles she was ...

Arthur Smith, “The Fight” P922


Fighters in the ring, a victor apparent. . . meanwhile the ghostly audience stares, seemingly immovable. Oil on board, image 19w x 24h, with frame 24w x 30h. Illustrator Arthur Smith is known for his boxing series, baseball series, and nudes. While in San Francisco in 1934, Smith was an employee of Public Works of Art ...

Bill Edwards “The Torch” P914


Sometimes there's not enough money in the world to get what you want. Other times, there is. Perhaps it helps when it's delivered in a snifter. He certainly seems serious and she appears delighted -- or is it just the cold, hard, cash?  Mixed media, gouache on board, 18w x 12.5h. Magazine illustration. Price on request.  

Bill Edwards “The Balcony” P908


"The Balcony" -- a couple consumed in their passion, while someone, someone very frightening, watches with . . . what, lust? evil intent? Whatever it is, it certainly is intense. Mixed media, gouache on board. Magazine illustration.17w x 12h. Price on request. Bill Edwards was born in New Jersey and grew up on a farm in Wyoming.  ...