Anders Aldrin: Salinas Valley,1963 Oil on Board P1191


Astonishingly, Anders Aldrin was rigorously and joyously a plein-air painter all his life. Exuberant and free brushwork such as his is not characteristic of the type. Neither was he particularly attracted to the picturesque. Here he takes on the the great agricultural engine of the Salinas Valley: it's not pretty, but in his hands it is ...

Anders Aldrin: Los Angeles River, Shades of Green 1945 P1197


The unique Aldrin take on the L.A. River, pre-freeway, looking toward Griffith Park? 16 x 20, oil on canvas. 1945. Price on request. Anders Gustave Aldrin was born in Varmland, Sweden, in 1889. He came to the U.S. when he was 21. He served his new country in France in WWI. Although he’d taken a correspondence course in ...

Anders Aldrin Malibu Coastline Oil On Canvas P1187

A masterly canvas by the great Anders Aldrin, one of our genuinely touchstone California painters. Born and trained in Denmark, he applied the European sophistication of his artistic origins to these marvelous evocations of his new home. This is an alchemy we see as a true characteristic of American art. Price on request

Anders Aldrin Small Boy 1932 Oil On Canvas P1184


We are so fortunate to have been granted access to so much of Anders Aldren's work. And the more we see of his work, the more compelling an artist he becomes. This portrait of a child is at once so direct and honest and yet wonderfully off-beat and sophisticated in its treatment. The very simplicity is deceptive. ...

Robert F Boyle (1909-2010) France 1944-45 Oil on Canvas Board P1183


This must have been painted during Robert Boyle's WWII stint in the Signal Corps. A sombre and insightful document of war-torn Europe. Hauntingly evocative and absolutely honest. The industrial suburb of a northern French city (Metz?) laid out under a winter sky. The walls display that eternal and ubiquitous French notice "Défense d'afficher" (Post No Bills). On his ...

Mahlon Andrew Sidwell (1853-1946) Oil Portrait of a Mexican Man P1178


Born in Indiana on Sept. 3, 1853. Sidwell settled in the Oakland-Alameda area in 1896. He advertised as an artist in the Oakland City Directory of 1906. In the 1930s he painted "good little sketches of a sweet and conservative nature" while an employee of the Federal Art Project. Judging by this exquisite, almost miniature, ...

Early California Landscape Oil Painting by Ralph Davidson Miller P1174


This has the shimmer of the vanished California. Every generation of  native Californian will start a conversation about where they live with "You should have seen it when…" Well, this painting shows you what they mean. What their grandparents meant when they described how it was. And there is a stunning little bonus. The other side ...

Lewis Ramsey: Cowboy Pulp Cover Painting P1173


Striking Cowboy Pulp Cover attributed to artist Lewis Ramsey. Oil on Canvas, image 24 x 25, with frame 30.5 x 31.5.   Lewis A. Ramsey was born in Bridgeport, Illinois in 1875. He was a portraitist and landscapist. He died in southern California in 1941. John Hafen was Ramsey's first art teacher. In 1892, he began study at the ...

Edward Borein (1873-1945) Ink Studies of Cowboys Roping P1170


Sensational Western artist. technical mastery allied to acute observation and huge amount of verve and spirit. The real thing.   18" x 14" framed Price on request. No other artist captured the "disappearing West" with the accuracy and vivacity of John Edward Borein (1872-1945). A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Edward Borein rode south in ...

Edward Borein Rope Casting Cowboy Ink Study P1168


In an artist, a thin skin is often part of the equipment. Taking heartfelt encouragement from one of his peers as thinly veiled disparagement, Ed turned away from working in oils. Oil painting's loss was watercolor's and drawing's gain. These studies are nonpareil. 12" x 9" framed Price on request.

Portrait of a Woman in a Coat Oil On Canvas by Rachel Rubinstein 1937 P1159


Stunning portrait of a society beauty. Well, I made that up. About who she is. The sitter remains unknown in spite of her superb white coat which is really pretty haute in its cut. She is definitely top top.  As little is known about the very accomplished artist, unfortunately. This is first rate work with a more ...

J. P. McMeekin Snake River Canyon Railroad Oil on Board 1884 P1116


A wonder from a painter who stayed put painting in one place until he got it right. This is how the West was won, and how one dedicated artist captured that moment. The spiritual strain in American landscape painting is fully present in this man's work. Framed 36" x 27". Price on request Joseph Patrick McMeekin (1857-1936) Millet Island ...

Yearly Spring Cleaning Parking lot sale March 7th and 8th Yellow tags half price and good till gone.


We are fortunate enough to have found some very amazing finds over the last 5 years.. But sadly we don't have room to adequately show off all our treasure.. so Most all furniture and lighting thats been in inventory 2 or more years is headed for the half Price warehouse- The Parking lot in fact. We ...

Franz Rederer View of 74th St Manhattan 1944 P1109


This is a stunner. If you're a New Yorker, it breaks your heart. If you're not, you are one now. A perfect capture of a place, a time, a light. Canvas  39" x 41", Frame 43" x 45" Exhibited at the De Young Museum in San Francisco in 1944, Exhibit tags attached. Price on request. Born in Zürich, ...