Prescott Chaplin: “The Gambler” Block Print P1382


Prescott Chaplin hand tinted limited series block print of "The Gambler." Marked #32 of 60. 1930, 13 x 16. Price on request. Born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 10, 1897, Chaplin studied with Bellows, Chase and Max Bori at the CSFA.  He was active in Los Angeles from the 1930s until his death on May 20, 1968. ...

Prescott Chaplin: “Water Vendor” Block Print P1381


Prescott Chaplin hand tinted limited series Block print "Water Vendor" #21 of 60. 13 x 17.5. Price on request. Born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 10, 1897, Chaplin studied with Bellows, Chase and Max Bori at the CSFA.  He was active in Los Angeles from the 1930s until his death on May 20, 1968.  Member:Chicago Gallery of ...

Edward M Plunkett “Lyda Borelli In ‘Torment’ ” 1959 P1297


The Curious Case of Edward M Plunkett, or how to define this charming obsessive? Coming to New York in the 50s, like many young men he decided to remake himself into an artist and a man-about-town. Where his preoccupations and predilections landed him was somewhere between Edward Gorey (whose work his most closely resembles) and Florine ...

Ejnar Hansen “Pensive Woman” Oil on Canvas P1256


Danish-born California artist Ejnar Hansen was a penetrating portraitist as this large and commanding oil shows. The board the canvas is mounted on was the lower half an abandoned full length portrait, adding a gorgeous pentimento. The sitter's grave and melancholy beauty makes its own separate case. A really superb and arresting work. Acquired from the Hansen estate. ...

Westly Cook: The Boxer P1255


Fantastic oil on canvas impasto of an African American Boxer by Westly Cook, who was a well-known Disney artist. The painting has the legend "Ernie Shavers" on the back, though we don't believe this is a painting of Earnie Shavers, as the painting appears to be older. Caught between rounds, the artist captures the boxer's ...

“Hotel Savoy” Gunfight, oil on board P1254


There's smoke and there's blood in front of the Hotel Savoy, but the Gunfighter's not giving up, not yet. Even though his compadre appears to have bit the dust alongside. Great oil on board, circa 1930. Artist is unknown. Possible illustration art. Artwork is 12 x 16, Framed 20.5 x 24. Price on request.

Female Nude Oil On Board P1246


Nude figure in a landscape, might be a truer description. The effect is dream-like and intriguing, somewhat visionary in fact. Signature defies interpretation. Which is a pity, because we'd like to know more about this artist. Frame 29" x 33", Board 24" x 29" Price on request.

Portrait of a Young Man in Cold Weather Military Gear c 1946-50 P1244


Sitter unknown, painting unsigned, and yet it is one of the most vivid, arresting, and evocative works of portraiture that we have ever handled. Clue: the dark olive color of the US Navy deck jacket dates it to just after WWII. Is he stationed in the Aleutians? Serving in Korea? The pinkie ring attracts attention: possibly could be ...

Irv Wyner Corner Store with Coca Cola Sign Watercolor P1232


Celebrated for his animation backgrounds as part of the Chuck Jones team that jazzed up the cartoon world for good, Irv Wyner was also a very original painter. His watercolors show him to be one of the masters of the medium. A work of great charm and atmosphere, noirish and deeply American. Feels like a ...

“Red White and Blue” Folk Art Oil on Stretched Burlap c. 1972 P1236

Signed Bishop, this large canvas is a period wonder in its cheerfully enigmatic way. Two men, one white, one black, face each other, wearing stars and stripes tank-tops, one of each per man, in a field of cotton, the whole rendered in a somewhat psychedelic palette. Maybe not so enigmatic. We wish we knew more ...

Anders Aldrin: Salinas Valley,1963 Oil on Board P1191


Astonishingly, Anders Aldrin was rigorously and joyously a plein-air painter all his life. Exuberant and free brushwork such as his is not characteristic of the type. Neither was he particularly attracted to the picturesque. Here he takes on the the great agricultural engine of the Salinas Valley: it's not pretty, but in his hands it is ...

Robert F Boyle USC Stadium (Los Angeles Coliseum) 1934 P1224


Robert Boyle made this delicate and enchanting watercolor of the stadium, that had just recently been enlarged for the Olympics. Art Measures 19.5" x 11.5", 27" x 20 " with frame. Price on request. One of Hollywood's greats, Robert F Boyle sourced his extraordinary achievements as a production designer in a life long practice of his art, going out and painting his ...