Frederick Schafer: Still Life with Fruit P1418


Somewhat luscious, somewhat decadent Frederick Schafer. Oil on canvas still life of fruit, summer bounty. A slice of a turn of the century (last century) picnic. 20 x 28. Price on request. Frederick Ferdinand Schafer was born in Braunschweig, Germany, in 1839. He emigrated to the United States in 1876, at the age of 37, where he ...

Anders Aldrin (1889-1970) Misty Morning 1943 P1410


California has its mists and fogs and it takes a spooky Scandinavian to get them on canvas. This utterly dreamy and slightly shivery 1943 work by the fauvist-expressionist-realist Anders Aldrin casts a real glamor and a spell. Oil on canvas 20" x 26", in very fine condition. From the Aldrin Family Collection. Price on request.

Anders Aldrin (1889-1970) Grove of Trees P1413


For Anders Aldrin the experience of a grove of trees, for experience is what he paints as much as appearance, is vibrant and exciting, deeply charged with immanence and mystery. Here we can see his kinship with the French Fauvists filtered through a distinctly Nordic sensibility. It's an extraordinary painting in every way. His is ...

William A Eskey (1891-1937) San Juan Capistrano Etching P1398


Romantic view of San Juan Capistrano by the sensitive William A Eskey. Born in Sistersville, WV on Aug. 21, 1891. Eskey fought in France during WWI and studied art there after the war. When he returned to the U.S., he settled in North Hollywood, CA. He made his first dry point etching in 1928 while a ...

Anders Aldrin – Alameda 1940 P1397


A 1940 view of the "Island City", by California's great plein air visionary painter, Anders Aldrin. Anyone with a feel for Oakland will register approval of the way he has captured the eternal mood of that city with this long ago glimpse of a hugger-mugger group of buildings at a sleepy intersection. Oil on canvas 13.5" x17", frame ...

19th Century California Still Life of Oranges P1396


This unsigned oil carries all the promise of California in its luscious depiction of plenty, at a time when the American settlers were arriving in their thousands from the East. In the general imagination, literal fruitfulness was embodied in California's legendary, emblematic, and now, alas, largely vanished orange groves. Health and wealth and happiness to follow, these were ...

Vernon Morse WWII Original Art for Propaganda Poster P1395


This is happy propaganda, so radiant and confident one can almost believe the war was won on attitude. Good, that is. In fact it was won by sheer superiority in resources and manufacturing and a huge war effort on the part of the civilian populations as well as the military. This now exists as a ...

William Carrigan (1868-1939) Watercolor View of Legion of Honor Building San Francisco P1360


One of a suite of three gorgeous watercolors (the others are P1361, and P1362). 36" x 29 1/2" Price on request, William Carrigan Landscape painter. Born in San Francisco, CA on Sept. 21, 1868. Carrigan studied art in his native city at the School of Design. After 1908 he lived in Falls Village, CT and NYC where he was ...