Ejnar Hansen’s portrait of his son Jorgen Hansen circa 1934


Really grand. A boy in a red striped t-shirt, moody, romantic, a little surly and rather noble. Adolescent in other words. He too became a noted teacher and painter just like his father. The sitter and the painting both have a huge presence. A superb work, with a wonderful ache. Price on request. Ejnar Hansen 1884-1965 . Ejnar Hansen’s art ...

Ejnar Hansen “The Old Philosopher” P1034


Ejnar Hansen lithograph of "The Old Philosopher" which is actually another portrait of Sadakichi Hartmann, in the same hat as his "Portrait of Sadakichi Hartmann" in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Image 9 x 13, with matte 14 x 20. Price on request. Ejnar Hansen bio is here.

Chas. Damrow Desert Landscape Oil on Board P1058


A charmer: cacti and a sunset sky.   22"w x 19"h with frame; image is 18" x 15". Price on request.  Charles Damrow, Cowboy artist and painter of western Cowboy and Indian subject matter, established friendships with Indians, cowboy artists and Indian Traders of the Southwest.  He drifted between acclaim and obscurity and had associations and friendships ...

Painting of Jimi Hendrix S.C. October P1057


Black and white photorealist rendering of a detail from Donald Silverstein's truly iconic 1968 photograph of the legendary Jimi. Most probably a record store or rock club display. Signed S C October. One of that vanished breed, the true billboard painter. Fantastic technique. Absolutely beautiful. 4' x 4' Price on request.

Jo Mora California History Map First Version 1927 AP 436


An insane amount of entertainment and information is packed into this brilliant map by the great Jo Mora. The humor is a bit rough, but then, so is California's history. And, come on, it's 1927. 28" x 36". Price on request. The Uruguayan-born Mora moved to the United States as a child. Before making his way to the ...