Frank Gutierrez American Doughboy and Rat-In-Boots Lady with Flag Drawing P1283


Chicano artist Frank Gutierrez is having a whale of time here mixing and morphing iconic imagery into a pointed nightmare. Gustave Doré's famous take on Puss-In-Boots is has its head removed and the cat changed to a rat before being plopped onto to the body of an ultrapatriotic matron standing proudly next to a dubious American foot-soldier of ...

Frank Gutierrez “Sergeant Nietzche and The Men of Angst Company” P1282


2 piece hand inked acetate over illustration board by Chicano artist and general trouble-maker Frank Gutierrez, pillar of the Chicano Art movement. Mordantly funny. Messin' with Pop. Thinkin' Punk. But keepin' it cool. 1979, baby. L.A. Framed with 2" black matte. Price on request.

John Anthony Conner: Entrance, Chinatown, Los Angeles P1275


A woman prepares to enter Chinatown. Is she hesitant or merely captured midstride? Chinatown gates from a very different time. Art, 12 x 16. Oil on board.   Born in Illinois, John Conner (1892-1971) was an impressionist painter of desert landscapes, and he also did portraits and other western genre. He was a descendant of Susan B. Anthony ...

Paul Lauritz: Glacier Peak, California P1276


Gorgeous Paul Lauritz mountain landscape, we're pretty sure this is Northern California somewhere Sierra-centric. Buffalo or cattle (or both?) graze in the foreground. Stunning view of the emblematic west. 29.5 x 24.5 art, frame 34 x 28.5. Oil on canvas. Price on request. Paul Lauritz was born in picturesque Larvik, Norway. The region’s beauty attracted many artists ...

Ejnar Hansen Watercolor Old Barn Near Morro Bay 1936 P1267


Acquired from the  Hansen Estate. Hansen's gifts as a landscape artist made themselves speedily apparent in Denmark where he was born. This wonderful watercolor is a perfect example of his flowering once he had moved to California. Influential as a teacher as well as an artist he must be considered one of California's finest realist ...

Ejnar Hansen Watercolor of Old Gentleman P1265


Ejnar Hansen's work straddles both the European and California traditions: he is a fascinating exemplar of both. This split becomes very clear when one examines the body of his portrait work. One can tell at a glance which category each person belongs to, the Danish or the American. This man is definitely a European, and, judging by ...

Ejnar Hansen Watercolor Portrait of a Young Man P1259


This young man is just post-adolescent, and that very fleeting moment is perfectly captured by the painter. The child is still present, and the awkward teenager, and the man he is just becoming is clearly apparent. A very delicately observed and sensitive portrait. Inscribed on the back by the artist to his son, it may be a ...

Jake Lee Original Watercolor Boatyard at a Railroad Crossing P1258


Signed, and superb. Incredibly detailed, yet completely unfussy. A master is at work here. One of California's most renowned watercolorists and a chronicler of California, and particularly San Francisco, Jake Lee left a body of work that delights and informs. Jake Lee was born in Monterey, California on October 23, 1915 of Chinese parents. As a child ...

Ejnar Hansen “Pensive Woman” Oil on Canvas P1256


Danish-born California artist Ejnar Hansen was a penetrating portraitist as this large and commanding oil shows. The board the canvas is mounted on was the lower half an abandoned full length portrait, adding a gorgeous pentimento. The sitter's grave and melancholy beauty makes its own separate case. A really superb and arresting work. Acquired from the Hansen estate. ...