Albert J Londraville Young Matron 1966 P1324


This lovely, seemingly effortless portrait not only captures the sitter, but her time as well. A sense of a private life. It's a truly personal portrait, intimate, and cool. Albert Londraville we consider one of this year's great finds for our store. Let's call him a modernist realist: he embodies the spirit of the mid-century ...

Albert J Londraville Reclining Nude 1953 P1323


We are so pleased to have received a group of this intriguing artist's paintings. Portraits and some particularly lovely nudes, of which this is a terrific example. A gentle humanism infuses his work, which gives us a lot of pleasure here at the store.  17.5h x 24w. Biography of Albert J Londraville from the Archives of askART Scenic ...

Eva R. Vanloan Smith California Courtyard 1920s P1315


Eva R. Vanloan Smith. Born in California on Nov. 7, 1890.  Died in Orange, CA on Dec. 17, 1982. Oil on canvas mounted on board. Frame 21" x 25", board 16" x 20". A certain kind of California dream has materialized in this expert little painting. No other person disturbs this reverie. We all get to experience those perfect ...

Hilda Van Zandt Wash Day Scene 1920s P1316


A charming scene of domestic activity in a courtyard. Two women are engaged in the backbreaking labour of washing clothes and cleaning house. The setting is typical Old California or Mexico, rendered fluently and colorfully. Oil on canvas 16" x 20", framed 19 1/2" x 24". Price on request.  Hilda Mutton Van Zandt Born in Henry, IL on June ...

Leonard Borman Sierra Madre River Bend P1319


Really superb example of Borman's work. A landscape of amazing depth with the Sierras in a numinous sunlit haze behind and the river bend with the woods on either side in much sharper focus, still in light, but with the evening shadows gathering. Oil on canvas 30" x 24", frame 35" x 29". Painter, etcher. Born in Northampton, England ...

Anders Aldrin Sunflowers Oil on Canvas P1318


Signed no less than three times! Anders' flower paintings were famed in California, not the least for not resembling anybody else's ideas of a flower painting. Except maybe Van Gogh's… Ferocious and rapturous, resolutely disobedient, these sunflowers are barely contained by the canvas, never mind their vase. 30" x 38 1/2". Oil on canvas. From the ...

Anders Aldrin Portrait Of A Woman In Reds P1303


Aldrin's playfulness with color masks a serious inquiry, the pushing of the limits of both perception and expression. Here the "Reds" in the title doesn't refer to what she's wearing, but to the range of reds he has deployed to convey the woman's skin. And the excitement and heat within her at variance with her demeanor. from the ...

Anders Aldrin Orchard in Los Altos P1308


Anders Aldrin intuits the dance suggested by an orchard's rigid geometries, with its resemblance to a corps de ballet, and then summons up a spirit of abandon and wildness to challenge the implied regimentation. It's a fascinating picture of extraordinary energy, with its meaty brushstrokes and startling slashes of color. This is the raw truth of spring as ...

Anders Aldrin Up Street 1943 P1311


One rarely needs a title to know where Anders Aldrin's subject is. Light and its effect on color is always the specific determinant. Here we are clearly in the districts of San Francisco. That cold bright wettish sky. The long steep rises. Framed. Oil on canvas 16" x 20". Price on request.

Anders Aldrin Skoghall Inlet Sweden 1962 P1314


The California master Anders Aldrin returned periodically to his native Sweden to paint. One of the joys of his work is to experience the inherent tension between one's former and adopted homes, a tension that results in heightened perception, the familiar remade as new. And, as so often in Aldrin's work, the woods await. And ...