Painting of Jimi Hendrix S.C. October P1057


Black and white photorealist rendering of a detail from Donald Silverstein's truly iconic 1968 photograph of the legendary Jimi. Most probably a record store or rock club display. Signed S C October. One of that vanished breed, the true billboard painter. Fantastic technique. Absolutely beautiful. 4' x 4' Price on request.

Irv Wyner Pinup Girl P1053


Stunning and incredibly sexy red-gowned pre-war beauty here. Irv Wyner started out in New York doing pinup illustrations before he moved West to work in Hollywood as an illustrator. This piece will be estate-stamped by the Irv Wyner Estate. 22"w x 30"h. Unframed, oil on board. Price on request. Irv Wyner (1904-2002) was one of the most ...

Jo Mora California History Map First Version 1927 AP 436


An insane amount of entertainment and information is packed into this brilliant map by the great Jo Mora. The humor is a bit rough, but then, so is California's history. And, come on, it's 1927. 28" x 36". Price on request. The Uruguayan-born Mora moved to the United States as a child. Before making his way to the ...

William Harrison Godwin (1899-1984) 1927 Hollywood History Map AP434


A knockout by the delightful cartoonist Harrison Godwin. In Hollywood, who's in and who's out is a fast moving game: this is a snapshot of that shaky moment just as sound is starting to loom on the horizon, and pedestals are starting to shake, as the town keeps booming regardless. Wonderful humor and oh my ...

Irv Wyner The Farmer P1045


There isn't anyone like Irv Wyner, and every time we acquire one of his paintings, we just can't stop looking at it. He really painted like nobody else on earth. A famed background artist on Chuck Jones' miraculous team of mad geniuses, his talent reached far and wide, from gorgeous watercolor seascapes to these hallucinated ...

Irv Wyner The Farmer’s Wife P1044


Hilarious. ruthlessly funny and absolutely masterful. Noted animation background artist Irv Wyner has earned a piece of immortality through his contributions to the golden age of American cartoons. Here his work is nothing less than devastating in its humor and its very high style. The rendering of the print fabric of her dress alone is ...

Robert E. Johnston Oil on Board Magazine Illustration P1037


Robert E Johnston 1885-1933. Little is known about this creative magazine illustrator/painter of the golden age of magazine illustration. This one dated 1930 and titled on the back "Americans All.." We're guessing this is from a tale of old California, set in the 1850s. ' "What do you know about him anyway?" Christopher was rudely ...

Ejnar Hansen Portrait of General James H. Doolittle (1940s) Oil on Canvas P993


Ejnar Hansen portrait of General Jimmy Doolittle, 29.5"x x 35"h in frame, Image is 24"w x 30"h. American aviator and army general Jimmy Doolittle led an air raid on Tokyo and other Japanese cities four months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. If there is a crown jewel to Jimmy Doolittle's legendary career it would be ...

Sam Hyde Harris Will Call Hand Lettered Placard P984


One of many signs hand lettered in Sam Hyde Harris's sign shop circa 1915-1930. This one exclaiming where Will Call is, and what it's all about. Clean, hand-lettered. This is not a printed sign or lithograph. For the theatre buff or silent film collector who has everything but an original never-used Will Call sign. Part ...