Roger LaManna Pulp Cover “Old West Fight” P927


Roger LaManna illustration: Blond white man with ripped shirt vs. Native American with headband and tomahawk! In the background, our blonde bombshell (in her bikini top) cowers. Could it be more politically incorrect? Probably cover art. We love it. Very 1960s. Gouache on board, 16.5"w x 19"h with frame, image 9"w x 11"h. Price on request.

Bill Edwards “The Torch” P914


Sometimes there's not enough money in the world to get what you want. Other times, there is. Perhaps it helps when it's delivered in a snifter. He certainly seems serious and she appears delighted -- or is it just the cold, hard, cash?  Mixed media, gouache on board, 18w x 12.5h. Magazine illustration. Price on request.  

Bill Edwards “The Balcony” P908


"The Balcony" -- a couple consumed in their passion, while someone, someone very frightening, watches with . . . what, lust? evil intent? Whatever it is, it certainly is intense. Mixed media, gouache on board. Magazine illustration.17w x 12h. Price on request. Bill Edwards was born in New Jersey and grew up on a farm in Wyoming.  ...

Irv Wyner Evening Barn P903


If we were asked what truly distinguishes Irv Wyner's work we would immediately say his way of intensifying the theatrical possibilities of natural light. He heightens, simplifies, distills. The result is as immediately readable and seemingly simple as a cartoon and yet packed with detail and an acuity of observation that takes your breath away. ...

Irv Wyner Under the Sea Oil On Board P902


Irv Wyner's take on underwater life is gorgeously dramatic. His animator's instinct for storytelling and his eye for the salient detail inform this vivid, comical and engrossing scene, teeming with life, beauty, mystery, and a hint of danger. A definite element of that danger is the line he walks as a colorist between the gorgeous ...

Irv Wyner Sailboats Watercolor and Gouache P901


One of the unsung heroes of animation, particularly noted for backgrounds in the hallucinated body of work produced by that mad genius Chuck Jones, Irv Wyner's work grabs the eye and works the brain, even in what would seem to be a straightforward maritime scene. Check out the relation of the light on the sails ...

Cole Bros Circus Pop/Illustration Art Oil On Board 1960s P873


A really expert piece of work: whether it's an illustration, or a design for a poster, or a pop art take on circus poster imagery is up to the viewer. Price on request. The Cole Bros. Circus is a medium-sized American circus. It was founded in 1884, as "W.W. Cole’s New Colossal Shows", by William Washington Cole. ...

Richard Day “Ship in Drive” P851


Richard Day etching. Haunting and imposing, a ship waits . . . for spring, for repairs, for attention? We're not quite sure. Certainly evocative of Southern California backyards at mid-century. Framed, 15"w x 19"high. Etching itself measures 7 3/4" w x 10" high. Marked 3/6. Price upon request. About the artist: Born in Victoria, Canada in 1896, ...

Sam Hyde Harris Graphics For Tablecloth Design P837


Famed California landscape artist Sam Hyde Harris (1889-1977) was also an acknowledged master of the applied arts, especially noted for his long association with the Santa Fe Railroad. Here he has addressed himself to table linens: a Mexican theme is carried out with Escherian rigor and complexity and great wit. A really exciting process piece ...