Julio Soto Mexican Folk Art Painting P1113

Pastoral, peaceful scene in old Mexico. Circa 1930. Cowboys relaxing with their horses and cattle. Intricately detailed, oil on canvas with marvelous old patina. Signed by Julio Soto, but no other information on this artist, though it's obvious he had a very consistent hand and style. Unframed, oil on canvas, 38w x 29h. Price on request.

Mexican Folk Art Scene Resting Cowboys and a Flight of Grackles Oil on Canvas P1113


It's not often that we get a piece of folk art this spectacular. The cowboys resting their horses among their cattle in the pasture are wonderfully lively, but the flight of long tailed black birds (Mexican grackles) in the distance is what lends this large painting its magic and poetry. Signed Julio Soto. 1920s-30s. 38" x ...

The Dead Matador (1958) by Francis de Erdely P1107


For the Hungarian émigré artist, Francis de Erdely, the figure of the matador had a particular and powerful resonance. He is known to have executed a number of works centered on the bullfighter. One might read this choice of protagonist as a symbolic stand-in for the artist himself who had all his life confronted the ...

Mexican Painting: Pantoya “The Pulqueria” 1944 P1077


Socially engaged, political, anguished and expressionistic, a treasure of Mexican painting. We haven't been able to trace the painter signing himself but it's Pantoya or Pantoja. The message of the painting is very clear though: the plague of alcoholism, and its effect on the poor. Image, 18 x 21, with frame 24 x 27. Oil ...

The Sisters of Saint Marina: in the style of the artist Julio Romero de Torres P998


Beautiful rendition of The Sisters of Saint Marina, original painted in 1915. (this artist unknown) Oil on Canvas laid down on board, 29w x 40h image, with frame 35w x 45h. Two smiling sisters, playful but sensuous, inviting. The original artist, Julio Romero de Torres (1874-1930) was one of the most famous Spanish artists of what ...

Spanish Colonial Floral Still Life with Parrot Oil on Canvas Mounted on Wood dated 1729 P947


A little masterpiece of decorative art. Expert cleaning has revealed beautiful and intricate details, the total effect is simply gorgeous. The canvas, though bonded to wood, is very stable. An explosion of flowers and one superb bird. Price on request.

Humberto Peraza 1968 Sculpture Matador with Raised Banderillas P869


Terrific bronze by the noted Mexican sculptor Humberto Peraza (b. 1925), who has made a career of portraying the drama of the bullring. The work is unusual for him, stripped as it is of his usual naturalism down to the very essence of of the action about to take place. On a 6' x 12' ...

Carlos Murillo C. & Jose Maria Jara attributed/collaboration “Fiesta Del Pueblo-Danza Del Toro 1899″ Oil on Canvas P781


Really a knockout. A large oil full of life and painted with devotion and verve by Carlos Murillo, most probably in collaboration with his mentor and teacher, Jose Maria Jara Peregrina. José Jara's paintings were hugely popular in their time, and remain important. His fascination with folklore and custom, "Mexicanismo" prefigured the twentieth century intellectual ...

Russell Dale Moffett Cobra Woman Oil On Canvas 1940s P778


A quintessential outside artist, Russell Dale Moffett's work has begun to attract collectors' serious attention. This much is known about his life: he was born in Indiana on Sept. 3, 1899.  In 1920 he was a house painter in Philadelphia.  By 1942 he had settled in San Diego and was a muralist.  He died there ...

Jorge B. Murillo Watercolor: Xochimilco, the Floating Gardens P721


One of the most magical environments in Mexico is the system of lakes and canals that are all that remain of the Aztecs' astonishing feat of engineering and agricultural innovation around their ancient capital. A truly charming scene dear to the Mexican soul. Note the  flowers in the little boats being harvested and taken to ...

Francisco Cornejo (1892 – 1963) Gouache of Taxco, Mexico P722


A wonderful gouache of a lush hillside in Taxco, Mexico by Francisco Cornejo dated 1931. Art measures 19" x 20" Francisco Cornejo (1892 - 1963) was born in La Paz, Mexico. In 1911 he moved from Mexico City to Los Angeles, where he resided until 1930. He lectured on ancient American art to San Francisco public ...

Jorge Murillo Watercolor of a Mexican Festival P704


A beautiful watercolor by Jorge Murillo depicting a Mexican religious festival  procession leading up to a mission: Perhaps, Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe. Art measures 26" x 10". On this day people from all parts of Mexico make their way to Mexico's chief religious center at the Basilica of the Virgen of Guadalupe, located in ...

Alfred Ybarra Production Designer Special Exhibit April 5TH Opening Reception. 5-11PM


Come celebrate our 10th anniversary in the antiques industry. We will have a special exhibit of a well known, but little seen artist and Hollywood production designer: Alfred C. Ybarra 1905-2001. Ybarra is known for his work on the Empire State Building, and over 100 films: Including, “The Alamo”. We will be exhibiting more than ...

F. Martinez Lais Mexican Girl Holding a Hen Oil On Canvas 1940s P654


Acquired from the original owner's estate, known to have been purchased in the forties, signed F. Martinez Lais. We think it's a knockout, a touch surrealist, slightly cartoonish and triumphantly Mexican-identified, modern-folkloric in the manner only a Mexican painter can pull off, this little peasant girl exerts a lot of power, seen from above, standing ...