“Hotel Savoy” Gunfight, oil on board P1254


There's smoke and there's blood in front of the Hotel Savoy, but the Gunfighter's not giving up, not yet. Even though his compadre appears to have bit the dust alongside. Great oil on board, circa 1930. Artist is unknown. Possible illustration art. Artwork is 12 x 16, Framed 20.5 x 24. Price on request.

Margaret McDowd: North Lake California P1221


An enchanting study of North Lake by an extremely gifted painter. Price on request.    Margaret McDowd Margaret Epeneter McDowd was born in Colorado on March 26, 1894. Margaret was the wife of Edward L. McDowd.  She started her professional career doing fashion illustrations for the Denver Post. By 1930 she had settled in Beverly Hills.  She died there on ...

Lewis Ramsey: Cowboy Pulp Cover Painting P1173


Striking Cowboy Pulp Cover attributed to artist Lewis Ramsey. Oil on Canvas, image 24 x 25, with frame 30.5 x 31.5.   Lewis A. Ramsey was born in Bridgeport, Illinois in 1875. He was a portraitist and landscapist. He died in southern California in 1941. John Hafen was Ramsey's first art teacher. In 1892, he began study at the ...

Edward Borein Rope Casting Cowboy Ink Study P1168


In an artist, a thin skin is often part of the equipment. Taking heartfelt encouragement from one of his peers as thinly veiled disparagement, Ed turned away from working in oils. Oil painting's loss was watercolor's and drawing's gain. These studies are nonpareil. 12" x 9" framed Price on request.

Frederick Becker “Rocky Waterfall” P1084 SOLD


Great western landscape of a rocky waterfall in the mountains by the great Frederick Becker. Oil on board, Image is 15 x 12, with gold frame 24 x 21. Price on request. An itinerant artist, specializing in landscapes and murals, Frederick Becker was born in Vermillion, South Dakota, and lived in New York City, Oklahoma City, Texas, ...

Joseph P. Frey “Western Landscape” P1054


Joseph P. Frey "Western Landscape," verdant foothills making way for the craggy peaks beyond. Beautiful and quintessential western scene, probably California Sierra Nevada. Dated 1957. Oil on board, 24" x 18" image, with frame 30" x 24". Price on request. Artist bio: Joseph P. Frey was born in Walla Walla, Washington on October 17, 1892.  At age sixteen Frey ...

Lawrence Murphy “Horses” Litho P1010


Lawrence Murphy signed lithograph of horses and riders. Matte frame is 16.5w x 15h, image itself is 11"w x 8"h. Price on request. Born in Denver in 1872, Lawrence Murphy grew up as the son of a wealthy banker who disinherited him after he chose an art career.  So he went to Paris -- where he studied ...

Hoyland Bettinger (1890-1950) “Cowboy” P952


There's nothing we don't like about this painting, and that includes the frame. Fluent, full of movement and life and beautiful, beautiful color. Image 23 3/4" x  19 3/4", frame 29" x 25". Price on request. Hoyland B. Bettinger was born in Lima, NY on Dec. 1, 1890. Bettinger was a Massachusetts artist who lived in Newton Lower ...

Frederic Watts Litho: Old California Country House P802


Frederic Watts lithograph of country house, outbuildings and fence, dated 1936. 16.5"w x 11"high. Price on request. About the artist: Frederic Watts received his early education in his home state of Indiana. In college, he transferred from the University of Cincinnati to The Art Academy of Cincinnati as a scholarship student, where he studied painting under Frank ...

Edward Marion Langley “Desert Landscape” P796


Edward Marion Langley "Desert Landscape" -- A wide expanse of the West, foothills and the towering peaks beyond. In the foreground, the river valley and the hard trees (Cottonwoods?) growing there. Small and delightful, a fine example of what Langley is best remembered for. 4 1/4" x 6 1/4". Price on request.   Edward Marion Langley (1870-1949) Born in ...

Sheryl Bodily “Stagecoach” P795


Sheryl Bodily (b. 1936) is known for his signature western scenes, including Stagecoach depictions. Here a pair of drivers guide their mismatched team of horses through a western valley - perhaps it's the Santa Fe Trail, along a river bottom in the dry time of the year. Oil on board, 14"w x 11" high. Price on ...

Langdon Smith Illustration (Western Scene) P794


Grayscale oil painting of a western horse and rider chase, breathtaking in its presence. The dust is kicked up; you are there. You can almost hear the hoofbeats on the sod and the shouts of the riders. Smith would have painted this for reproduction in a book or a newspaper/magazine. 13"w x 18" high. Price on ...

Carved Wooden Low Relief Panel of a Cowboy Riding Hell-for-leather P772


Astonishing piece of carving, huge amount of life in it: the rider has given the horse his head. Smaller riding figures give an added perspective. They're Indians all right. Beautiful work, full of action and drama. The artist-carver has used steel wire for reins. 9 1/4" x 11 1/2". Price on request.

David Stirling (1887-1971) Castle Butte Wyoming after a work by Thomas Moran Oil on Board 1922 P769


Dave Stirling was a very successful, and personally popular, artist in Colorado. A notation on the back reads, "By Dave Sterling [sic] an old time friend of my Father's Hiram Rogers painted in 1922 {also an error] Eaton Colorado [signed] Betty Rogers Stockman". The artist's own notation on the back is more revealing : 'After ...

Reynold Brown “Covered Wagon Leave-taking” P636


A dynamic and animated scene of a family in a covered wagon getting under way to join a wagon train and leaving home, by one of America's most influential and admired illustrators. All the elements of story-telling are effortlessly put in play, every person is emotionally alive and engaged in their private drama... the new ...