Mexican Folk Art Scene Resting Cowboys and a Flight of Grackles Oil on Canvas P1113


It's not often that we get a piece of folk art this spectacular. The cowboys resting their horses among their cattle in the pasture are wonderfully lively, but the flight of long tailed black birds (Mexican grackles) in the distance is what lends this large painting its magic and poetry. Signed Julio Soto. 1920s-30s. 38" x ...

Folk Art Fretwork Painted Niche A814


Wall hung, intricately cut, charmingly evocative of a make-believe house, with the date 1927 and the initials J. R. worked into the design among the clambering vines and billing doves and sun-ray and other decorative motifs, this jig-sawed fantasia in wood is nothing less than a permanent three-dimensional Valentine. 12"w x 25"h x 8"d. Price on ...

“Chief Willow Tree” by Paul Jarvis P1050


Image of Chief Willow Tree by Paul Jarvis. Entire object - frame and image - carved in remarkable relief. Wonderfully detailed. 22"w x 24"h. When we first posted this item, we received this charming note from Paul Jarvis' grand-daughter, Pam Hunter: "HI Eric, My niece mentioned that she saw one of Grandpa Paul's art pieces on your site. ...

Step Stool F1168


Cute and wonderful and even intricate, but that's not all - it's decorated with hearts and diamonds! Who could not love such a helpful little stool, measuring 12" square x 11" high. Painted white with those great red accents. Price on request.

Bolivian 19th Century Carved and Gilded Door Lintel Frieze A738


Folk carving at a very high level, wonderfully carved, painted and gilded over gesso. We have two (the other being A737) if you have a pair of a doors. There is nowhere in the house it won't be spectacular. Stamped with the official Bolivian cultural certification. 46" wide,  17' tall and 4" deep. Price on request.

Marboro Lamp Company 1940s Folk Art Rooster Lamp L523


A really superb Marboro lamp, absolutely top of the line interior decoration of the period, flamboyant, folk inflected, knock-yer-eyes-out. A total wow. And it's big: 48" tall, 26" wide and 13" deep. Price on request. The Marbro Lamp Company was acquired by Morris Markoff and his brother soon after the end of World War II. Their small ...

Wine Barrel Bar Stools Set of Four F1094


Convivial, playful, ideal for a den, or a tasting room (if you're a complete oenophile), these probably date from the 1950-60s. Tufted leather seats, the barrels emblazoned with the appellation and coat of arms of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. What could be more fun?. Price on request. Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a French wine Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) located around the village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape ...