Monterey Classic Table Top Lamp with Milk Stool Base & Copper Lantern L528


What a beauty. In less skillful hands this combination of American folk furniture shapes and styles might cloy, but what you get here from the Monterey designers is something effortlessly graceful: simply beautiful as well as really useful. 53" high x 14" diameter. Price on request.

Marboro Lamp Company 1940s Folk Art Rooster Lamp L523


A really superb Marboro lamp, absolutely top of the line interior decoration of the period, flamboyant, folk inflected, knock-yer-eyes-out. A total wow. And it's big: 48" tall, 26" wide and 13" deep. Price on request. The Marbro Lamp Company was acquired by Morris Markoff and his brother soon after the end of World War II. Their small ...