Mexican Colonial Revival Style Wrought Iron Hanging Lantern L469


Mexican Colonial Style Hooded Hanging Lantern in wrought iron. Painted a medium dark green. Heavy and well made... I believe these were made back in the 60's when this style first had a revival as I have had at least one other in the last 10 years of my business. Large and really makes a ...

Crouse-Hinds Vintage Industrial Light L442


Architectural lighting fixture. Has a huge presence as an object in itself. Crouse-Hinds was originally founded in 1894 by a factory superintendent and former mechanic, Jeff Lorenzo Hinds and a 25 year old entrepreneur named Huntington Beard Crouse. Its first product was a changeable headlight for trolley cars and they were one of the original producers ...

Novalux Skyscraper Projector Floodlight by General Electric Solid Copper Shell 1920s L393


Novalux Projector floodlighting by GE was the lighting of choice used on public and commercial buildings to highlight the dynamic qualities of the American skyscraper as it reshaped the urban skyline. In working condition, very rare! GE light measures 31" diameter, and has an amazing patina. Circa 1929. $1200.