Monmouth Pottery Copper Shaded Table Lamp in the Monterey Style A652


An extremely attractive lamp with a wonderful bisque and matte glaze or cold painted finish. Lamp measures 10" diameter x 11 1/2" high. A Short History of the Monmouth Pottery Company Monmouth Pottery Company was erected in Monmouth Illinois in February of 1893 by William Hanna and associates to make use of the vast deposits of stoneware clays ...

Texan Table Lamp made out of a Smith & Wesson Revolver SOLD L484


To add a touch of intrigue, this Wild West artifact from Texas is fabricated from a 19th century Smith & Wesson revolver stamped Belgium. There is very little agreement on the internet about what that means, but our best guess is that in the wake of the company's astonishing success in the Civil War, the ...

Adirondack Lodge/Log Cabin Lamp Hand Carved Base & Shade L468


Nifty lodge or cabin lamp in the Adirondack style. Moose on base near a Fir Tree. Hand carved shade with linen backing.. 28 x 18 x 18. Moose missing its antlers: still displays well. Ready for your cabin as is or have my wood carver add antlers to your desired specs. Circa 1940. Call for pricing.