Matilde Poulat Dove with Turquoise Insets J170


Celebrated jewelry designer Matilde Poulat first trained as a painter at the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City alongside famed Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. She opened her own silver design taller (workshop) in 1934 under the mark of “Matl” which is derived from the Aztec word for “water”. Her pieces were heavily ...

Taxco Silver Cuff Style Bracelet in the style of Hector Aguilar J153


Beautiful and well made silver Mexican bracelet circa 1940. Has the unusual pin clasp and great design and workmanship associated with other fine makers. Marked but not of any importance. Still, this piece is a great accessory that fits right in with today's style. 3.5" wide x 8'' inside circumference. Price on request.

Victoria Taxco Mixed Metals Fish Glass Holders in Silver, Copper and Brass M835


A unique set of Mexican made glass holders by Victoria of Taxco, Mexico. Pieces look hand tooled and finished. Pair of glass holders in solid Copper, Brass and Silver with tall slender glass to center. Circa 1950. 6" x 3". Ana Nunez de Brilanti is one of the original Taxco Silver designers from the late 1930's. She ...