Mexican 19th Century Retablo With Its Saint circa 1860 RARE M799


An utterly magical duo. Enchanting and powerful. The tiny saint is dressed and adorned with turquoise needs. A floral wreath seems to float above it. Completely otherworldly and yet also the comforting familiar of the household. A historic treasure in our eyes, a special window on a culture. Price on request.

Hipolito Camacho Adam and Eve and the Serpent Tree of Life M797


This awe-inspiring tableau is the work of Hipolito Camacho of Metepec, Estado de Mexico. There's a picture of an almost identical piece on p. 136 of Lenore Hoag Mulryan's Ceramic Trees of Life published by UCLA's Fowler Museum in 2003. Heron's trees of life are quite different from this example of the classic Metepec style seen most frequently ...

Mahlon Andrew Sidwell (1853-1946) Oil Portrait of a Mexican Man P1178


Born in Indiana on Sept. 3, 1853. Sidwell settled in the Oakland-Alameda area in 1896. He advertised as an artist in the Oakland City Directory of 1906. In the 1930s he painted "good little sketches of a sweet and conservative nature" while an employee of the Federal Art Project. Judging by this exquisite, almost miniature, ...

Visionary Saint – Mexican Religious Figure with Original Vestments 19th Century M785


Extraordinary in every way. Incredibly skillful modeling of the head and body. This man is in the throes of a vision. This object of veneration hits the viewer with real force, and actually inspires awe. And more than a little fear. A terrific find. 22' high. Price on request.