Candelario Medrano Mexican Pottery Pick-up Truck M844


Medrano (1918-1986) was from Santa Cruz de las Huertas in Jalisco. First set to making clay pipes he transformed his profession into a true artistic calling, creating a body of work unsurpassed for its wit and inventiveness. Here we have a pickup truck and some intrepid tiny riders: it's Medrano's world and I for one would love to ...

Mexican Tile Table 1920s CA571


Mexican tile has an unmatched gaiety and charm, and when it is paired with a sweet piece of wrought iron work, well, that's heaven. The romance of California in the 20s, and its romance with South of the Border, all come together in this super little occasional table. 12" square x 16 1/2" high. Price on request.

Mexican Santos Figure 19th Century A1024


Designed to be dressed, nay, arrayed, for different festivals, it lives in a nether world, caught between the existence of an object of veneration and that of a doll's. Or a mannequin's. Weathered by use and stripped of its robes, it is revealed as half man and half scaffolding, its elbows enabled to bend from its stuffed ...

Alfonso Pasten Painted Table and 6 Chairs for Cafe La Especial 1950s F1368


A little scuffed up by the years but remarkably fresh for all that: the colors vivid and the imagery charming. Hand painted table and chairs by folk-painter Alfonso Pasten.  Pasten was born in Cuernavaca, Mexico in 1921 and moved to Tijuana, Baja California at the age of 20.  Señor Pasten hand painted this furniture for the Brambila family's ...

“El Norteño con Javier Solis” Mexican Movie Poster 1963 AP531


This film, popular enough to have a sequel, proudly proclaimed the participation of the great Mexican singer Javier Solis, billing him above the film's putative stars Antonio Aguilar and ex-Miss World Susana Duin, the first Venezuelan to win it by the way (and not the last!). Four terrific horses were also billed above the title. ...

El Fantasma Del Camino Mexican Movie Poster 1930s AP530


A wonderful poster for the Mexican release of an American movie serial. Fabulously hallucinatory. The Phantom of the West is a 1931 American Pre-Code Mascot western movie serial and was the second all-talking serial they produced. Tom Tyler stars as Jim Lester, trying to prove that Francisco Cortez (Frank Lanning) is innocent of killing his own father. ...

La Legion Heroica Mexican Movie Poster 1938-9 AP529


This was 1938's The Fighting Devil-Dogs, a Republic Pictures serial that found a release in Mexico. As you can see, every expense was spared, but we bet it entertained the kids really well. One of its two leading man (a former shot-put champion and one of movie land's Tarzans in the the 30s), Herman Brix, broke ...