Unique set of 3 Nesting tables by Salvador Corona F1392


Every piece of Corona is unique and this set of 3 stacking tables radiates the romance of old Mexico during the Spanish Colonial times of ladies in panniered gowns and spirited horses of a certain breed. The largest table is 17" wide, 12.5" deep and 23" tall. In well worn condition, but solid and ready to use as ...

Mexican Santos Figure 19th Century A1024


Designed to be dressed, nay, arrayed, for different festivals, it lives in a nether world, caught between the existence of an object of veneration and that of a doll's. Or a mannequin's. Weathered by use and stripped of its robes, it is revealed as half man and half scaffolding, its elbows enabled to bend from its stuffed ...

Alfonso Pasten Painted Table and 6 Chairs for Cafe La Especial 1950s SOLD F1368


A little scuffed up by the years but remarkably fresh for all that: the colors vivid and the imagery charming. Hand painted table and chairs by folk-painter Alfonso Pasten.  Pasten was born in Cuernavaca, Mexico in 1921 and moved to Tijuana, Baja California at the age of 20.  Señor Pasten hand painted this furniture for the Brambila family's ...

Mexican 19th Century Retablo With Its Saint circa 1860 RARE M799


An utterly magical duo. Enchanting and powerful. The tiny saint is dressed and adorned with turquoise needs. A floral wreath seems to float above it. Completely otherworldly and yet also the comforting familiar of the household. A historic treasure in our eyes, a special window on a culture. Price on request.