Spanish Colonial Santo: Archangel A854


Judging by his martial aspect and the colors I would call this santo the Archangel Michael. Even missing his wings, his is a commanding presence. Price on request. Images of saints (santos) were known as bultos (sculptures) and retablos (paintings on wood). Local woods–aspen and cottonwood root for bultos and pine for retablos–were used; water-based paints were ...

Ocumicho Figure: Four Masks M684


Set of four Ocumicho masks, later period probably early 60s. Selling as a set, frightening countenances, truly scary - but stupendous! These pieces from Michoacan, Mexico, are part of a collection once deemed as too risqué for LACMA during The Hollywood Blacklist era. Mark on underside is the craftsperson's name: Rutilia Martinez Alvarez. Later period, 1950s-early ...

Ocumicho Figure: Trio of Spotted Diablitos M681


Ocumicho diablitos, here in a trio, one orange, one brown, one black. This is work that is the glory of Michoacan, and comes from a collection LACMA turned down as a bequest because they worried their members would find the imagery too shocking. Late 1940s-early 1950s.  Mark on underside is the craftsperson's name: Catalina Martines. ...

Ocumicho Figure: Red Diablito with Acolytes M680


Ocumicho Red Diablito, a devilish king on a coiled snake throne, protected by light yellow acolytes. This piece from Michoacan comes to us from a collection LA's County Museum of Art passed on because they just couldn't risk the controversy showing these would have created. Late 1940s-early 1950s.  Mark on underside is the craftsperson's name: ...

Ocumicho Figure: Diablito with Skulls M677


Ocumicho Diablito with a skull on each shoulder, and a poor child under each arm. We are so glad the Los Angeles County Museum of Art turned this collection down, simply because they found the figures too shocking, if not downright subversive. Late 1940s-early 1950s. Mark on underside is the craftsperson's name: Catalina Martines. 22h, ...

Mexican Poncherias (pair) M663


Have to be experienced to be believed! Pair of Mexican poncherias, each with six punch cups with their own spikey lids. Made to look like a pineapple on steroids! 1960s. Probably Hilario Alejos Madrigal. Each measures 32"high and 24" diameter. One of Mexico's most respected contemporary folk artists, Hilario Alejos Madrigal and his wife live and ...

Los Castillo Mayan Face Mask Stone Encrusted M614


This extraordinary Mexican artifact is from the 1950s during what is often considered the golden ageof design and production at the Los Castillo workshop. Unique, most probably a one-off. This piece has a silver plaque on its a rosewood base. The blue and green malachite enhanced with mother of pearl would be impossible to duplicate ...

Herón Martínez Mendoza Black Ware Serpent Headed Candelabros Pair M609


Herón Martínez Mendoza, the famed Acatlán ceramist, created this pair of black serpent headed candelabros. His black ware is quite rare, and very prized, as is all his work in its different phases. A giant in his field. Some chips and a surprisingly hard-to-spot repair with black electrical tape on one of the sockets, a brilliant ...

Folk Art Retablo A636


Hand carved polychrome New Mexican retablo, with the Eye of Providence (or "the all-seeing eye of God") on the front. Adorned on the inside with iconic images, and inscribed "Obsequio de mi madre": Translation, gift from my mother. Retablo measures 28" tall x  14 1/2" wide x 9" deep. Call for pricing.