Mexican Santos Figure 19th Century A1024


Designed to be dressed, nay, arrayed, for different festivals, it lives in a nether world, caught between the existence of an object of veneration and that of a doll's. Or a mannequin's. Weathered by use and stripped of its robes, it is revealed as half man and half scaffolding, its elbows enabled to bend from its stuffed ...

Visionary Saint – Mexican Religious Figure with Original Vestments 19th Century M785


Extraordinary in every way. Incredibly skillful modeling of the head and body. This man is in the throes of a vision. This object of veneration hits the viewer with real force, and actually inspires awe. And more than a little fear. A terrific find. 22' high. Price on request.

Mexican Carved Wood Frame Miguel Magana 1926 A911 Sold


Signed by sculptor and wood carver Miguel Magana whose work travelled to America as part of the celebrated exhibition: Mexican Arts An Exhibition Organized for and circulated by The American Federation of Arts 1930-31   22" x 28" overall;  open area 15" x 21"   sold The exhibition, Mexican Arts (1930), was developed and coordinated by Dwight W. Morrow (U.S. ambassador to ...

Mexican Guatemalan 19th Century Side Table F623


The Last Piece from this Great Collection of Colonial Pieces from south of the Border. Unique Hand made Table from Either Mexico or the Guatemalan Area. Legs mimic a Reptile. Other carved Motifs include parrots, Pinwheels and Leaves. Drawers show major amounts of wear. The rear legs are of the same period and may have ...

Mexican Hand Painted Batea (Tray) M179


Hand carved and painted Mexican Batea Tray circa 1930's 11.5" $67.50 Using the traditional technique of Quiroga, Michoacán, these bateas have been made in this village for over 450 years. The wooden platters were used for offerings, marriages, dance dramas, processions, parades, and for decoration. These bateas were hollowed out by way of meticulous carvings with small ...