Garden City of San Jose CA Small Deco Teapot CA497


What a honey. Fantastic up to the minute design. 5" high, 9" long, 6" diameter     The Great Depression of the 1930s, imperiled Garden City Pottery, heretofore known for its garden pots and its core business of manufacturing clay pipes, and forced it to re-invent itself to survive. Controlling shareholder (and former San Jose city councilman) Luther Rossi, ...

Taylor Tile-like Malibu Tile Table F944


The wood is weathered and one of the four tiles is broken in the corner, but the table is solid and shapely and the genius of the California pottery movement  between the wars (and the cross-pollination of ideas and craftsmen between the rival potteries) shines through in the magnificent colors of the glazes and designs of ...

Twin Winton “Clem” Collection 17-piece Set 1940s CA481


The Twin Winton pottery's "Clem" series is absolutely hilarious. Haute Hillbilly humor. Fantastically modeled by the gifted Don Winton. The Wintons' work for originality and liveliness can stand comparison with any of their more refined but no less expressive 18th century forebears at the Chelsea works or even the great Kaendler himself at Meissen. Founded by ...

D & M Tile Company Pair of Tiles CA171


Beautiful pair of D & M Tiles with wonderful blues, oranges, yellows and turquoise colors. The D & M Tile Company (1928-1939) did not survive the passing of its founder and animating spirit, the English ceramist John Davies, though its formulas and designs were acquired by Harry Hicks for his Hispano-Moresque tile works. In the years ...

Catalina Island Tile In Original Stand C151


Rarely seen Catalina Island tile set in its original drink stand wrought iron base, measuring 6 x 6. Tile has no repairs. minor crazing to center, small chip to corner. Unusual tile glaze colors of greens and beige. Circa 1930. Stand measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 22" tall. Call for pricing.