Pacific Pottery Hostess Ware Goblets Set of 10 CA559


The secret of pottery tumblers, glasses and goblets is that cold drinks stay cooler in them. And water tastes better. We swear. And, of course, pottery from this period looks great always. The great glazes and the fabulous forms. And these goblets prefer open shelving: they're quite the little show-offs. It's a fantastic set. Price on ...

Spanish Revival Glazed Garden Pots CA554


Superbly rendered Renaissance motifs adorn this classical pair of garden pots. The wear they show fhas finally bestowed on them the antiquity they originally claimed, time and use have only added to their charm and beauty. The palm and the oranges garlanding them link them eternally to California. And they're meant to be used.

Calco “End of the Trail” Pottery Bookends A905


Originally sculpted by the American-born artist James Earle Fraser, The End of the Trail has endured to become one of the most recognizable images in the United States. It has been "translated" and adapted to many mediums and reproduced endlessly, but there is a reason for that: it personifies the tragedy of the American Indian. The kitsch ...