Raoul Coronel Mid-Century Modern Ceramic Plaque of Flowers in a Bowl SOLD CA594

The spirit of an age. A love affair between a venerable craft and the fresh air of modern design. Modernist Ceramist, Raul Coronel, was active from 1956 until 1985 in Southern California. Originally from Mexico, he immigrated to the U.S. when he was 14. Much of his work reflects distinctly Meso-American influences, though his mature works reflect his ...

Catalina Island Matte-Glazed Galleon Plate SOLD C371

Pure romance, with an extremely sophisticated use of color in the design,  black sails and the black sea, tan clouds, green sky, rust hull, red cross, and the gull flashing against the waves as it swoops low. Storybook, but based in a keen observation of nature. Enchanting, and truly exciting. 12" diameter. Price on request.