Taylor Tile-like Malibu Tile Table F944


The wood is weathered and one of the four tiles is broken in the corner, but the table is solid and shapely and the genius of the California pottery movement  between the wars (and the cross-pollination of ideas and craftsmen between the rival potteries) shines through in the magnificent colors of the glazes and designs of ...

Frankoma Deco Vase (Puma Mark) A650


This is the most brown-bread, down-home countrified deco you'll ever find, but deco it is nonetheless, and pretty glorious at that. This is desert and plains deco. Price on request Affordable dinnerware and serving pieces, mugs, novelties, memorial figures, Route 66 items, limited editions, commemoratives, souvenirs--Frankoma Pottery has served the needs of everyday life since it's beginnings ...

Monmouth Pottery Copper Shaded Table Lamp in the Monterey Style A652


An extremely attractive lamp with a wonderful bisque and matte glaze or cold painted finish. Lamp measures 10" diameter x 11 1/2" high. A Short History of the Monmouth Pottery Company Monmouth Pottery Company was erected in Monmouth Illinois in February of 1893 by William Hanna and associates to make use of the vast deposits of stoneware clays ...

Twin Winton “Clem” Collection 17-piece Set 1940s CA481


The Twin Winton pottery's "Clem" series is absolutely hilarious. Haute Hillbilly humor. Fantastically modeled by the gifted Don Winton. The Wintons' work for originality and liveliness can stand comparison with any of their more refined but no less expressive 18th century forebears at the Chelsea works or even the great Kaendler himself at Meissen. Founded by ...

Spanish Pottery & Tile: Bird About To Be Clubbed by a Man Tile Ashtray A056


Another great tile from the Spanish Pottery & Tile Company, depicting a man and a bird, such as can be seen at the legendary Scotty's Castle in Death Valley. The motif of this tile ashtray is one actually found at the Castle. Call for pricing.