Mexican Retablo Painting On Tin: The Holy Trinity c.1900 M506


Glorious imaging of the Trinity as three men, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the idea of the Trinity empohasized by their triangular halos. Very unusual iconography. MEXICAN RETABLO and EX-VOTO ART  Retablos, better known as 'laminas' in Mexico, are small oil paintings on tin, wood or copper which were used in home altars to venerate the almost ...

19th Century Religious Painting Christ’s Deposition from the Cross P191


Wonderful 18th Century religious painting, oil on canvas, restored. Shows Christ's deposition from the Cross, an angel is holding up St Veronica's veil, with Christ's image imprinted on it. Measures: Frame 40" x 33", canvas 33" x 26", 2200.00