Vintage Utah Road Sign SOLD A1078


Vintage Utah State Route 21 Road Sign, from before the state used the familiar Mormon Beehive. 15w x 14h. True western flavor - it's been shot at, bullet holes included. SR-21 begins at the Nevada state line as a continuation of Nevada State Route 487 and heads southeast through Garrison. It continues southeast past Pruess Lake and continues throughMormon Gap and ...

Catalina Island Matte-Glazed Galleon Plate SOLD C371


Pure romance, with an extremely sophisticated use of color in the design,  black sails and the black sea, tan clouds, green sky, rust hull, red cross, and the gull flashing against the waves as it swoops low. Storybook, but based in a keen observation of nature. Enchanting, and truly exciting. 12" diameter. Price on request.

VELA Nuclear Detector Satellite Model SOLD A1041


The Vela satellite was designed to monitor nuclear tests, and had a long career not without controversy. The original may be space junk by now but we consider this beauty a space age treasure. Steel, 14" tall on 7" square wooden base. Lovely condition. Price on request. Vela (satellite) The Vela-5A/B Satellite in its cleanroom. The two satellites, A and ...

Leonard Borman Sierra Madre River Bend SOLD P1319


Really superb example of Borman's work. A landscape of amazing depth with the Sierras in a numinous sunlit haze behind and the river bend with the woods on either side in much sharper focus, still in light, but with the evening shadows gathering. Oil on canvas 30" x 24", frame 35" x 29". Painter, etcher. Born in Northampton, England ...

Roseville Dogwood Pedestal SOLD CA565


Roseville is one of THE touchstone potteries in America and this Dogwood design one of its most iconic. Turn of the century decor often operated from a more-is-more aesthetic, but it took a lot of elegance and taste to make that work, and Roseville really hit that sweet spot. As a pedestal for a pot, this might ...

Memento Mori Steel Skull A1005 SOLD


Pretty entrancing, with its terrific detail, not to mention its detachable jaw. Scholars used to keep an actual human skull on their desks as a philosophical reminder of mortality, the classic memento mori. The lesson holds, even for today. Although to tell you the truth, we find it extremely cheerful. 5" wide 9" long and 5 ...