Yearly Spring Cleaning Parking lot sale March 7th and 8th Yellow tags half price and good till gone.


We are fortunate enough to have found some very amazing finds over the last 5 years.. But sadly we don't have room to adequately show off all our treasure.. so Most all furniture and lighting thats been in inventory 2 or more years is headed for the half Price warehouse- The Parking lot in fact. We ...

17th Century Spanish Renaissance Vargueno Desk F1233


Massive, 17th Century Spanish Renaissance Vargueno desk in walnut, consisting of an ornate fall front adorned with latches, escutcheons, medallions, knobs, centered with a hasp and lock plate, all of pierced iron covering the original red velvet. When opened, the desk reveals a lavish fitted interior of 19 drawers and doors mounted with gilt shell ...

17th Century French or Italian Chest of Drawers F1220


The front rippling out in waves presages the later development of bombé furniture that would so mark the 18th century, but this rare piece has its feet firmly in its own century and the early Baroque. It's truly fantastic. Museum quality. In terrific condition. 51" wide x 24" deep x 36" high. Price on request.  

18th Century Spanish Colonial (Original) Tapestry-Back Bench F1223


Its original Bargello needle-point back further distinguishes this handsome and austere Spanish Colonial bench. The seat is upholstered in an apricot velvet that, though not new, and faded and spotted in a few places, is in usable condition. All in all, a touchstone piece of the period. 46" long x 24" deep x 47.5" tall. Price on ...

3-stack Tooled Leather 17th Century Spanish Boxes A867


This set of three fantastically worked baroque leather dispatch boxes dates from the apogee of the Spanish Empire in the Americas, 1670-1710. Look closely and a marvelous bestiary of animals, birds and fishes is revealed in the pattern. The smallest measures 14" x 5" x 11", the middle sized one 21" x 8" x 13", and ...

17th Century Spanish Colonial Trestle Table F1224


A real survivor. Once covered in parchment maps and candle drippings as a voyage of conquest and discovery was planned? Did it bear the impact of a passionate consummation of forbidden love? How many celebratory feasts and solemn family gatherings were set at this great table? All the romance of the 1600s in Spain. And ...

19th Century Spanish Peasants Oil On Canvas P1038


Superb, utterly romantic, unsigned, bearing evidence of a long-ago sale through Christie's, and in its original British frame (Newcomb's don't you know old chap), this ferociously charming genre painting of damnably attractive peasants celebrating life among their chalk cave dwellings overlooking, say, Seville, could not be more Victorian. It must have sold immediately before the ...

George Sandoval Spanish Colonial Coffee Table F1153


Handcrafted Spanish colonial-style coffee table from Albuquerque, New Mexico artist George Sandoval. Measures 54w x 23d x 16h. Price on request. For nearly 60 years, George Sandoval handcrafted Spanish-style doors and furniture in Albuquerque— everything from headboards, armoires and hutches to dining room tables and chairs. He died in 2009. Read more about this fantastic woodworker's life ...

Catalonian Chair F1104


Spanish Catalonian Chair, probably 1600s. Original hard wood was stained black. Has original vellum (which can still be sat on), original copper tacks. Some accents missing. Very unusual and very rare! As is. 43" high, 20" w x 20" d. Price on request.

Spanish Colonial Floral Still Life with Parrot Oil on Canvas Mounted on Wood dated 1729 P947


A little masterpiece of decorative art. Expert cleaning has revealed beautiful and intricate details, the total effect is simply gorgeous. The canvas, though bonded to wood, is very stable. An explosion of flowers and one superb bird. Price on request.

Sea Chest F1098


18th or 19th Century Sea Chest. We think it's camphor wood, as most were made that way. Great strapping, awesome iron hardware. This would be a great coffee table, or ? Sea chest measures 37"w x 17.5" h x 17.5" d. Price on request.

Bolivian 19th Century Carved and Gilded Door Lintel Frieze A738


Folk carving at a very high level, wonderfully carved, painted and gilded over gesso. We have two (the other being A737) if you have a pair of a doors. There is nowhere in the house it won't be spectacular. Stamped with the official Bolivian cultural certification. 46" wide,  17' tall and 4" deep. Price on request.