La Pastora 18th Century Madonna as Shepherdess P1326


A glorious early 18th century depiction of the Virgin and Child, she portrayed as La Pastora, haloed by stars, the Divine Shepherdess. Canvas 22" x 26 1/2" Frame  24" x 23 3/4"   Price on request La Divina Pastora: Virgin Mary as Shepherdess In Spain, devotion to La Divina Pastora appears to have started in Seville, also right around 1700, and ...

Del Rey Spanish Colonial California Revival Flip arm couch with chair


Solid Mahogany and sturdy as all heck. Great matched pair with Polychrome accents to top finials and unique half moon flip arm side tables. Currently in need of upholstery . The box springs go with bit no cushions. Ready to make your own. Priced to move. This will be part of the Garden sale . ...

Old California Spanish Exterior Lanterns Pair L556a


Pretty monumental at 30" high, 14" across and 10", this pair of lanterns is pretty extraordinary. Designed to be wall-hung and not hung by the ring, they should be more properly be called sconces, but the lantern effect overwhelms logic. The amber glass will mellow out whatever power saving bulb you use. Knockouts. Price on request.  

19th Century Spanish Peasants Oil On Canvas P1038

Superb, utterly romantic, unsigned, bearing evidence of a long-ago sale through Christie's, and in its original British frame (Newcomb's don't you know old chap), this ferociously charming genre painting of damnably attractive peasants celebrating life among their chalk cave dwellings overlooking, say, Seville, could not be more Victorian. It must have sold immediately before the ...

Fantasy Spanish Scene Summer Screen A894


A great aspect of the the Spanish Revival style is an element of fantasy and it is always a pleasure to find an object that brings it out so pleasurably. Even without a fire lit, a fireplace should be a place to dream. 35 ½” x 48”, center panel 24” wide, side panels 12” each. Price on ...