Hispano Moresque Multiple Tile Table in Wrought iron base F1091


What to admire most, the glorious tile top, or the incredibly graceful wrought iron work of the legs? Easy answer: both, for the way they harmonize into a perfect whole. This Tile is made by Hispano Moresque and features Period Mexican hand made tiles to the center. By all accounts this looks to be original and ...

Catalina Island Nine-Tile Table C292


Wow. A truly special table, 9 gorgeous Catalina tiles (geometric and field tiles) surrounded by an extremely rare pink terrazzo frame. This one dates from the early 30s, and used to reside at the Smoketree Ranch in Palm Springs. All resting on a great wrought iron base. Measures 23" square x 25" h. Price on request.

Angelus Furniture Co Hispano-Moresque Tile-Top Dresser F985


Simple, even severe lines, generously sized, some carving on the top drawer face and then... the flowering of Hispano-Moresque tiles on top! All the elements that blended together to make the California Style, the final meeting and melding of the formative and contrasting Anglo-Saxon and Mediterranean cultures, are in this piece. Angelus was the mark ...

Taylor Tile-like Malibu Tile Table F944


The wood is weathered and one of the four tiles is broken in the corner, but the table is solid and shapely and the genius of the California pottery movement  between the wars (and the cross-pollination of ideas and craftsmen between the rival potteries) shines through in the magnificent colors of the glazes and designs of ...