Catalina Tile Table with Island-made Base CA573


In its heyday, Catalina Island became totally self-sufficient through its own industry and the sponsorship of the Wrigley family who created the resort and founded the pottery and tile works, and in so doing acquired the highest reputation for artistry and craft. And you can see the story told in this wonderful occasional table, with ...

Gladding McBean Spanish Tile Table CA570


Trust Gladding McBean to put its own stamp on the essential California Tile Table. The restrained palette of brown and tan harmonizes wonderfully with the wood of the superb Spanish Revival base. There's even a little top notch wrought iron going on there. I don't think you can beat it for unimpeachable chic. 25 1/2" long, 16" wide, ...

Catalina Island Nine-Tile Table C292


Wow. A truly special table, 9 gorgeous Catalina tiles (geometric and field tiles) surrounded by an extremely rare pink terrazzo frame. This one dates from the early 30s, and used to reside at the Smoketree Ranch in Palm Springs. All resting on a great wrought iron base. Measures 23" square x 25" h. Price on request.