Santa Juan Capistrano Mission Tile Plaque A812


Outstanding colors in this beautiful tile rendition of the San Juan Capistrano Mission. Very hard to find matte finish Taylor tiles in a new custom wrought iron surround. Slight repairs to 2 right-hand tiles. Measures 23"w x 17"h, or 24" high including the wrought iron work. Price on request.

Taylor Tile-like Malibu Tile Table F944


The wood is weathered and one of the four tiles is broken in the corner, but the table is solid and shapely and the genius of the California pottery movement  between the wars (and the cross-pollination of ideas and craftsmen between the rival potteries) shines through in the magnificent colors of the glazes and designs of ...

Calco Colonnade Relief Tile 1920s CA452


Pretty wonderful relief tile of an ultra-romantic Spanish (or Ancient Roman) colonnade, or perhaps even an aqueduct,  set in the grounds of a charming and picturesquely crumbling hacienda (or villa). Calco is another jewel in the crown of California Pottery: from 1923 to 1932, under its founder Rufus Keeler, Calco made its reputation from its innovative ...

Handcraft Pottery & Tile “Palm Tree” Single Tile CA329


Handcraft Pottery & Tile "Palm Tree" Single Tile. Handcraft Tile has been making high-quality tiles since 1926 and is the oldest manufacturer in California and the West. In an age of uniformity, conformity, mass production, and high technology, we make tiles the old-fashioned way -- by hand. Handcraft Tile manufactures a full line of ceramic tile. We ...

Gladding McBean Crane Motif set of tiles CA415


16 Gladding McBean tiles make up this Japanese influenced arts and crafts crane design. One cracked tile mended. Call for pricing. Gladding, McBean, LLC is a ceramics company located in Lincoln, California. It is one of the oldest companies in California, a pioneer in ceramics technology, and a company which has "contributed immeasurably" to the state's industrialization. During the heyday of architectural terra ...