Robert F Boyle USC Stadium (Los Angeles Coliseum) 1934 P1224


Robert Boyle made this delicate and enchanting watercolor of the stadium, recently enlarged for the Olympics. Price on request. One of Hollywood's greats, Robert F Boyle sourced his extraordinary achievements as a production designer in a life long practice of his art, going out and painting his surroundings, frequently in the company of his equally renowned colleague and friend Boris Leven.

We RIDE AGAIN! The Golden West Show: GO!!!


We are so jazzed! Friday December 4th is the GALA Sneak Peek Charity Preview benefitting the Los Angeles Conservancy. Than which there is no more deserving cause!  $50 at the door. Saturday & Sunday December 5th and 6th $10 ONLY at the door. Tickets on sale from 9:30 AM at the Glendale Civic Auditorium. OVER FIFTY (50) EXHIBITORS ...

Imperial Buckaroo Rope Seat Classic Couch/Daybed F1318


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One of two amazingly rare Monterey style Imperial Buckaroo Rope Seat Couches. Both are ready to go, come with a futon mattress which you can reupholster and make into a comfy couch. All original finish. Solid Mahogany. Once in a … Continue reading

Life-size Effigy of an Angel or Saint 1860s Mexican M791


Designed to be dressed in different robes according the seasons and festivals, this exquisitely carved and cunningly articulated figure, gessoed and painted with realistic glass eyes, dates from the 1860s and must have seen at least century of use. The arms and hands are movable. The base is restored but the rest is original, some damage ...

Figurative African Chair late 19th–Early 20th Century “Man and Monkey” F1295A


Chairs such as this one are more than chairs, they function as status stools, even thrones. They are genius interpretations of European models and thus associate themselves with and appropriate the intruders' power. Superb. Acquired from the Bowers Museum. We have three. Astonishing works of art. 34” x 15” x 16”. In many societies of Central Africa, ...

Figurative African Chair late 19th-Early 20th Century “Old Man and Youth” F1295B


This chair is guarded by the twin heads of a youth and a bearded old man. We are are just learning to read these three amazing acquisitions from the Bowers Museum. All of life and its mysteries are here. 34” x 15” x 16”. PRICE ON REQUEST. In many societies of Central Africa, such as the Chokwe and related ...

Figurative African Chair late 19th–Early 20th Century “Two Chieftains” F1295C


This chair is presided over by these two intense figures distinguished by headdresses that are surely badges of rank. Neither resembles the other in any way. All the figures on all three chairs are completely alive and individualized. So glad to have acquired them from the Bowers Museum. 34”h x 15”w x 16”d. PRICE ON REQUEST. In ...

Acme Beer Poster 1935 AP455


Acme Beer is back! And this poster is from before it went away. We think it might have made the Great Depression less depressing. Price on request Acme was a transplant brewery from Seattle. Not many breweries made it through the 1906 earthquake and fire, and millions of dollars of beer were shipped from Seattle and bottled ...

Charles Putnam Safford Hobo & Engineer Charcoal and Ink on Paper P1130


A wonderful and multifaceted and socially conscious artist emblematic of a very particular time and place in California, Charles Safford poured his energies into works that range from the satirical, to the realistic, to the abstract. This drawing of railway engineer deep in conversation with a hobo feels entirely autobiographical. The surprise that these two ...

James Korn Spanish Señorita Oil on Canvas 1930 P1111


There is magic and romance a-plenty in this delicious vision of Iberian womanhood. Unframed 12" x 14". Price on request Born in Braila, Romania on March 21, 1873. Korn studied at the Royal Academy in Munich and then taught in Berlin. By 1907 he had settled in Los Angeles where he was an interior decorator and portrait artist ...

Basque Peasant Wedding Procession Henry Van Schie 1937 Oil on Canvas P1085


This is an absolutely extraordinary painting. A fascinating mixture of dress and accoutrements are visible, from Victorian (top hat), earlier (flintlock pistols left over from the Peninsular war), even older (traditional peasant costume) to the modern. We know this is the Basque country in Spain by the berets (blue). Each face vivid, unforgettable. There is ...

Monterey Classic Buckaroo Couch F1199 SOLD


Rare and wonderful ! Unusual and extraordinary ! This Monterey Buckaroo Classic Couch and its twin (F1198a) are survivors!  From the same California desert estate, waiting many years for time in the limelight - and perhaps for you? The painted panels are original as is the Rope. Double Branded and ready for your hacienda, Will ...

Monterey Classic Old Wood Draw Bridge drop front Desk on stand F1197


The California furniture movement is personified in this early Monterey Classic piece. Hinged in such a way the the door literally swings down to open Revealing a neat and tidy cubby holes finished in original Red Paint. Thought to be made during the 1929 Period. This is one of 4 old wood pieces that came out ...