Naval Aviator Insignia by the American Bronze Crafters A619

A superb cast aluminum Naval Aviator collectable, measuring 23" wide x 7" tall. The Naval Aviator insignia is a warfare qualification of the United States military that is awarded to those aviators of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard who have qualified as Naval Aviators upon successful completion of flight school. Call for pricing.  

Red Mule Pepper Produce Crates (Perfect End Tables!) Redlands A571

A great pair of 1930s Red Mule produce crates, would be great as end tables, or even bedside tables. No matter what you decide, these crates will bring some old school novelty to your home. Crates measure 26" x 12" x 12". These are solid and ready to use.. Call for pricing.

Mexican Colonial Polychrome Tin Hanging Lantern with Spanish Hook L466

A beautiful turn of the century polychrome hanging Mexican tin lantern with semi-frosted glass: Including wrought iron wall mount lion hook. Amazing perforated tin or steel details almost all complete and ready to use. Once powered by paraffin, now newly wired. Interior or covered patio use only. Lantern is 24 tall x 10 deep x ...

Substantial Cast Aluminum Caduceus from The American Bronze Craft Co.SOLD A485

The grandest of the three Caduceus, cast in aluminum from The American Bronze Craft Company. Caduceus measures 83 1/2" x 15" x 2". With a rich tradition of craftsmanship and service, American Bronze Craft has been producing quality bronze products for over 50 years. Originally called Judsonia Bronze, our foundry was established in 1954 with a focus on ...

Sand Casting Flask (Wooden Mold Box) for an Aluminum Caduceus A483

An original wooden sand casting "flask" for a caduceus, that classic design of two serpents entwined on a staff. The caduceus was the insignia of the healing arts since the time of Aesculapius, and is often used as signage for a doctor's office or hospital. This wooden mold box came from an aluminum foundry. With ...