Irma La Douce Lobby Card P1338


Giant lobby card, beautifully framed, for Billy Wilder's film Irma La Douce. 1963, for an Atlantic City engagement. The image is of "Kiki, The Cossack" (actress Grace Lee Whitney). The piece is framed, 29w x 68h x 2d. Irma la Douce is a 1963 romantic comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, directed by Billy Wilder. It is based on the 1956 French ...

Constant-Duval Villandry Vintage Travel Poster AP550


1923 Constant-Duval poster of Paris-Orleans Railway. Showing Villandry, the Castles of Touraine Motor Coach Tours. Splendid. Mounted on cardboard. Printed in France. 25 x 39.5 The Château de Villandry is a grand country house located in Villandry, in the département of Indre-et-Loire, France. It is especially known for its beautiful gardens. Price on request.

Oldsmobile Limited Showroom Display Poster Very Rare c 1910 AP560


Don't let its slightly battered appearance fool you: this is a true and very rare automotive poster treasure. We have had it cleaned and stabilized and the original linen backing carefully re-backed on new linen. It was designed to be hung framed, mimicking its original oil painting, in Oldsmobile showrooms. The graphic is explosively dynamic as ...

El Fin de un Imperio Mexican Movie Poster AP557


The sad end of the ill-starred Maximilian's short-lived Mexican Empire wins itself some cinematic glory by grafting the Three Musketeers (who with D'Artagnan of course were four) onto the story line. Looks like an absolute gas. Whenever history takes its always unfortunate interest in you, turn it into an adventure! Price on request.

Kongosan-Chosen Vintage Korean Travel Poster AP555


The famous waterfalls at Kongosan-Chosen were a favored destination for the intrepid rail traveler before the war. A little darkness shadows this poster: The Chosen Government Railway was a state-owned railway company in Korea under Japanese rule, and was a department of the Railway Bureau (Japanese: 鐵道局, Tetsudōkyoku; Korean: 철도국, Cheoldoguk) of the Government-General of Korea, whose ...

Constant Duval Chateau de Blois Vintage Travel Poster AP553


Entrancing view of the iconic chateau, one of the most historic and famous in France. Mounted on cardboard and some sun fading.   39 x 28.5w. Constant Duval (1877-1956) was one of the most sought after and influential poster artists of the period between the wars, making his mark especially in the field of railway advertising with ...

Anders Aldrin Landscape Color Wood Block Print 1933 P1307


The great plein air painter Anders Aldrin was also a master printmaker, as this gorgeous color woodblock attests. The California landscape as nature intended it: not a single cliché in sight. Wonderful color choices, the whole image sings with energy. 14 x 12, framed 21.5 x 18.5. From the Aldrin estate. Price on request.

Joseph C. Leyendecker Original World War I Poster AP534 AP534

One of the greats of American commercial and magazine illustration, JC Leyendecker applied his immense gifts to the war effort and produced this powerful image for the United States Fuel Administration. From Si Litvinoff's dazzling collection. Comes with the gallery provenance. Many experts and collectors consider this to be World War I's most beautiful and ...

Malay Railways Vintage Travel Poster “The Golden Chersonese” 1930s AP542


From the collection of Vic Braden. Original lithograph poster. Trimmed and mounted on board. Price on request. The Federated Malay States Railways (FMSR) was a consolidated railroad operator in British Malaya (present day Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore) during the first half of the 20th century. Named after the then recently formed Federated Malay States in 1896 and ...