Richard Lillis Western Pulp Magazine Original Art Oil on Board 1940s P1108


Labelled a fragment, this small painting packs an outsize wallop. The strength of the composition belies the designation. Wild, Woolly and Western. And more than a little woofy. That's one handsome cowpoke handling that battering ram. And that door is going down. Art is 7 1/2" x 10 3/4", frame 10 1/4" x 13 1/2". Price on ...

Hoyland Bettinger (1890-1950) “Cowboy” P952


There's nothing we don't like about this painting, and that includes the frame. Fluent, full of movement and life and beautiful, beautiful color. Price on request. Hoyland B. Bettinger was born in Lima, NY on Dec. 1, 1890. Bettinger was a Massachusetts artist who lived in Newton Lower Falls and was director of the Hobby School there. ...

Roger LaManna Pulp Cover “Old West Fight” P927


Roger LaManna illustration: Blond white man with ripped shirt vs. Native American with headband and tomahawk! In the background, our blonde bombshell (in her bikini top) cowers. Could it be more politically incorrect? Probably cover art. We love it. Very 1960s. Gouache on board, 16.5"w x 19"h with frame, image 9"w x 11"h. Price on request.

James Colt Cowboys Oil on Board P905


Fantastic palette knife and dry brush technique exactly right for this small but spectacular and highly masculine scene of mounted cowboys working a herd you can't see for the dust they're raising. Price on request. James Colt was forever the teacher of the philosophy behind his art.  This quote from him sums up the core values of ...

Edward Marion Langley “Desert Landscape” P796


Edward Marion Langley "Desert Landscape" -- A wide expanse of the West, foothills and the towering peaks beyond. In the foreground, the river valley and the hard trees (Cottonwoods?) growing there. Small and delightful, a fine example of what Langley is best remembered for. 4 1/4" x 6 1/4". Price on request.   Edward Marion Langley (1870-1949) Born in ...

Sheryl Bodily “Stagecoach” P795


Sheryl Bodily (b. 1936) is known for his signature western scenes, including Stagecoach depictions. Here a pair of drivers guide their mismatched team of horses through a western valley - perhaps it's the Santa Fe Trail, along a river bottom in the dry time of the year. Oil on board, 14"w x 11" high. Price on ...

Langdon Smith Illustration (Western Scene) P794


Grayscale oil painting of a western horse and rider chase, breathtaking in its presence. The dust is kicked up; you are there. You can almost hear the hoofbeats on the sod and the shouts of the riders. Smith would have painted this for reproduction in a book or a newspaper/magazine. 13"w x 18" high. Price on ...

A. Brandt Early Period Ranch Oak Furniture Co. Carved Relief Panel Sofa F967


This is what people are looking for when they search for Ranch Oak Furniture: the carving is sensational, the cowboy theme entrancing, and the sofa is very, very comfortable indeed. Texas novelty furniture of 1930s and 40s of a very high order. Price on request. A. Brandt Ranch Oak furniture continues to grow in popularity among those ...

Carved Wooden Low Relief Panel of a Cowboy Riding Hell-for-leather P772


Astonishing piece of carving, huge amount of life in it: the rider has given the horse his head. Smaller riding figures give an added perspective. They're Indians all right. Beautiful work, full of action and drama. The artist-carver has used steel wire for reins. 9 1/4" x 11 1/2". Price on request.

C.R.Bone – Cowboys Corralling Cattle – Oil On Board P771


C.R. Bone is the artist's name, signed on the back as well as in the painting ... and nothing about him (or her) comes up in our reference books or on the internet, which is actually a surprise, given the assured technique and verve of this very accomplished oil. It's a lovely piece of work. ...

Old Hickory Gate Leg Table Mission Inn F953


A really unusual gate leg table made by Old Hickory Furniture. Early piece from the collection of a former Mission Inn docent, who acquired it from the 1970's Mission Inn furniture auction, when the great hotel's future was temporarily in question. I haven't found another like it. Solid with a very pleasing patina and its ...

Old Hickory Mission Inn Lamp Table F950


A unique piece of early Old Hickory Furniture perfect for that corner in your cabin. Generally solid and could use a new surface on its top. The patina and general wear on the piece underlines its homespun, frontier quality. Bought at auction. Said to have been owned by an old docent who volunteered at the ...