Carved Wooden Prospector and Pack Mule 1940s Folk Art Sculpture A982


Really superb example of American folk sculpture. Carved and painted wood, string, leather and cotton cloth. Artist unknown. Some minor damage to the right hand and the left brim of the hat. A loving attention to detail balanced by a serene stylization of form. Alive as only great folk art can be. 4" wide, 14 1/2" long ...

Texas Centennial Poster Cowboys Under Many Flags 1936 P1249


The centennial of Texas' independence from Mexico is what was being celebrated in 1936, as were all things Texas. Terrific designer/artists were set to the task of creating this series. Though copies abound, originals like this one are rare, mounted on art board for display at travel agencies and the like. Here we capture Texas in a ...

Edward Borein Rope Casting Cowboy Ink Study P1168


In an artist, a thin skin is often part of the equipment. Taking heartfelt encouragement from one of his peers as thinly veiled disparagement, Ed turned away from working in oils. Oil painting's loss was watercolor's and drawing's gain. These studies are nonpareil. 12" x 9" framed Price on request.

Richard Lillis Western Pulp Magazine Original Art Oil on Board 1940s P1108


Labelled a fragment, this small painting packs an outsize wallop. The strength of the composition belies the designation. Wild, Woolly and Western. And more than a little woofy. That's one handsome cowpoke handling that battering ram. And that door is going down. Art is 7 1/2" x 10 3/4", frame 10 1/4" x 13 1/2". Price on ...

Arne Norell Sirocco Safari Rosewood Chair F1129


This chair is pretty wonderful. Solid Rosewood, Original Cowhide Seats with new replacement cushion closely duplicate the original. Monterey Modern at its best! Arne Norell started his own workshop in Stockholm in 1954, moved in 1958 to Småland and developed the company Möbel AB Arne Norell. He was inspired by a Danish idiom. For many years, Arne Norell was ...