Edward Borein (1873-1945) Ink Studies of Cowboys Roping P1170


Sensational Western artist. technical mastery allied to acute observation and huge amount of verve and spirit. The real thing.   18" x 14" framed Price on request. No other artist captured the "disappearing West" with the accuracy and vivacity of John Edward Borein (1872-1945). A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Edward Borein rode south in ...

Edward Borein Rope Casting Cowboy Ink Study P1168


In an artist, a thin skin is often part of the equipment. Taking heartfelt encouragement from one of his peers as thinly veiled disparagement, Ed turned away from working in oils. Oil painting's loss was watercolor's and drawing's gain. These studies are nonpareil. 12" x 9" framed Price on request.

Calco “End of the Trail” Pottery Bookends A905


Originally sculpted by the American-born artist James Earle Fraser, The End of the Trail has endured to become one of the most recognizable images in the United States. It has been "translated" and adapted to many mediums and reproduced endlessly, but there is a reason for that: it personifies the tragedy of the American Indian. The kitsch ...

Postwar Japanese Monarch Radio in the shape of an American Indian Chief’s Head A897


Many tiny companies went to work making transistor radios for US export in the postwar years, and almost as many went out of business. And sank without a trace. But here is a surviving trace of one such, Monarch, which decided it might be able to crack the American market with this startling carved Indian chief's head one. It ...

Richard Lillis Western Pulp Magazine Original Art Oil on Board 1940s P1108


Labelled a fragment, this small painting packs an outsize wallop. The strength of the composition belies the designation. Wild, Woolly and Western. And more than a little woofy. That's one handsome cowpoke handling that battering ram. And that door is going down. Art is 7 1/2" x 10 3/4", frame 10 1/4" x 13 1/2". Price on ...

Hoyland Bettinger (1890-1950) “Cowboy” P952


There's nothing we don't like about this painting, and that includes the frame. Fluent, full of movement and life and beautiful, beautiful color. Price on request. Hoyland B. Bettinger was born in Lima, NY on Dec. 1, 1890. Bettinger was a Massachusetts artist who lived in Newton Lower Falls and was director of the Hobby School there. ...

Roger LaManna Pulp Cover “Old West Fight” P927


Roger LaManna illustration: Blond white man with ripped shirt vs. Native American with headband and tomahawk! In the background, our blonde bombshell (in her bikini top) cowers. Could it be more politically incorrect? Probably cover art. We love it. Very 1960s. Gouache on board, 16.5"w x 19"h with frame, image 9"w x 11"h. Price on request.

Edward Marion Langley “Desert Landscape” P796


Edward Marion Langley "Desert Landscape" -- A wide expanse of the West, foothills and the towering peaks beyond. In the foreground, the river valley and the hard trees (Cottonwoods?) growing there. Small and delightful, a fine example of what Langley is best remembered for. 4 1/4" x 6 1/4". Price on request.   Edward Marion Langley (1870-1949) Born in ...

Sheryl Bodily “Stagecoach” P795


Sheryl Bodily (b. 1936) is known for his signature western scenes, including Stagecoach depictions. Here a pair of drivers guide their mismatched team of horses through a western valley - perhaps it's the Santa Fe Trail, along a river bottom in the dry time of the year. Oil on board, 14"w x 11" high. Price on ...