Storybook California Faience Art Tile Plaque Wrought Iron Frame c1905 CA593

Magnificent, magical, and monumental, even. 26″ high x 45″ across x 2″ deep. Modeled exquisitely in low relief. Utterly storybook, but what’s the story? Let’s look. There are two richly caparisoned knights jousting and a very fair damsel witnessing the contest. Is it her heart they are fighting for or is one knight defending her honor from the other? A Latin motto, in Gothic letters, appears at the base of the image: “virtute marte”. We can translate  it thusly: “by courage and force of arms”. That certainly is one way to a lady’s heart.

It is actually one of the finest pieces of decorative tile work we have ever come across. In terrific condition.

Price on request.