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All five flavors of Chef Garcia’s ground-breaking Salsas, plus a vintage hand-painted Mexican pottery serving dish. A delicious way to make the holidays unforgettable.

Only $99.  Available while they last.

Some of you may remember my dear old dog and buddy of fourteen years, Sheriff the Boston terrier. Well, like all good dogs he went to heaven, but he is now the mascot of my new business, Sheriff Brand Salsas, that I am launching in partnership with Chef Gabriel Garcia. Great Salsa for Great Food. The Alpha Dog is here.

Sheriff brand salsas are the best you’ve ever tasted. We’ll tell you how and you’ll taste why.

Chef Gabriel Garcia has created five brilliant salsas, each with its own unique flavor profile. Rich and tasty, complex and vibrant, made with the freshest organic heirloom produce from the Southwest, Mexico and California.

Five classic peppers each lend their names to the five different salsas they define.

The Hatch Japones Red Salsa is roasted to perfection and blended to a fine texture. Hot enough to let you know you’re eating salsa but not so hot you won’t want to pile it on with every bite. Goes great with eggs first thing in the morning, and, when your day is done, it’s a regular chip magnet. Time for that beer.

The Jalapeño Hatch Green Salsa : we roast these too (we roast them all, it’s the right way to treat them). Creates a salsa so mild and smooth even the biggest salsa scaredy-cat will crave it. And all our Hatch peppers come from Hatch, New Mexico. They’re the real deal. Great with fish, and your tortillas will thank you too.

The Güeritos Yellow Salsa stakes a claim to its roots in this mild and subtly sweet salsa. These tiny heirloom chiles are central to classic native Mexican cuisine. From garden veggies to tofu, for seafood and poultry, on rice and beans, this salsa lends itself to many dishes and is guaranteed to whet your appetite.

The Habañero Orange Salsa Spice will wake the most jaded palate right up. Although it won’t burn down the house, it WILL set off the fire alarm. Made with the finest chiles and rare orange heirloom tomatoes, this is the Yin to our green salsa’s Yang. The simplest roasted or barbecued meats come alive in the shadow of the volcano, with this, our spiciest salsa.

The Chile Negra Black Salsa possesses perhaps our most unusual flavor profile. Its secret ingredients are a mixture of spicy and sweet, with an umami that is part fermentation and part… we’re not telling. Its subtle fragrance, deep flavor and sumptuous texture are pure magic on chicken, roasted pork, grilled steak… not to mention what it’ll do to a humble plate of nachos. Out of this world.