T.A.R.A. Sign 1960-70s AP499

Member garages announced their affiliation with The Truck Frame and Axle Repair Association with this sign.

30″ square. Rust has come through the white base coat but not at all through the blue and black overlay, creating a rather beautiful and unintended effect of depth to the design.

TARA was founded in 1966 as a trade association to serve specialists in the truck repair industry. TARA provides technician continuing education programs to keep TARA shops up-to-date in diagnosing and repairing frame, front end, suspension, brake and handling problems. Members of the association consist of service providers specializing in heavy-duty truck, tractor and trailer chassis frame, axles, housings, and wheel, straightening, balancing and alignment service and parts distribution.

Price on request.

“To associate and band together in one association the members of the Truck-frame and Axle repair industry in pursuit of the common purpose of mutual benefit and assistance to its members and the general public.”