Old Hickory Mission Inn Lamp Table F950


A unique piece of early Old Hickory Furniture perfect for that corner in your cabin. Generally solid and could use a new surface on its top. The patina and general wear on the piece underlines its homespun, frontier quality. Bought at auction. Said to have been owned by an old docent who volunteered at the ...

Wrought Iron Dragon Candlesticks Pair A515


These candlesticks are done in the manner of Samuel Yellin. Yellin's influence on ironwork in the United States continues to this day. His work is generally acknowledged to be unsurpassed, perhaps never even equalled. Certainly many talented blacksmiths were inspired by his designs, such as the unknown artisan who produced these beguiling dragon candlesticks. Whimsical, humorous ...

Apollo Studios Brass Arts & Crafts Tray MI039


Apollo Studios Brass Arts & Crafts Tray 4"x10". Apollo Studios, New York, created jewelry and objets in the nouveau, arts and crafts and deco styles. This company was a contemporary of Tiffany Studios. The output of both companies was competed in the same stores in NYC in 1900-1938. Price on request.